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Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Tali Liebenthal

Tali Liebenthal, Co-Editor-In-Chief and Opinion Editor

Tali Liebenthal, 12th grade, joined the Boiling Point as a staff writer during the second semester of freshman year. She served as Community Editor in sophomore year and became Co-Editor-in-Chief in her junior year, only the third 11th-grader in Boiling Point history to hold the top post. She is now continuing her leadership of the Boiling Point as Co-Editor-In-Chief for the second year. She enjoys covering controversial stories and writing unsigned editorials, and has won multiple awards from organizations including Columbia Scholastic Press Association, Quill and Scroll and the American Jewish Press Association. Outside of Boiling Point, Tali is Head captain of the Mock Trial team, captain of Model Congress, and a grade-level representative on the Agenda Committee. In her free time, Tali likes drawing, listening to music and going to the beach with friends.

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DISPLAY: Agenda Chair Rami Melmed and senior Keira Deutsch view the Just Community Constitution on the second floor the day of Just Community elections this past fall. n updated and framed version is set to replace it.

[Photo] Town Hall passes revised proposal to make and display new Constitution, on parchment and framed

By Jojo Eisen, 10th grade
February 17, 2024

DISPLAY: Agenda Chair Rami Melmed and senior Keira Deutsch view the Just Community Constitution on the second floor the day of...

DISPLAY: Agenda Chair Rami Melmed and senior Keira Deutsch studied the Just Community Constitution in the second floor lobby on the day of Just Community elections last fall.

[Photo] JC rep elections held after Town Hall-only campaign, but ballot mistakes delay results

By Joshua Gamson, Co-Editor-in-Chief
October 24, 2023

TODAY: Four separate Town Halls, one for each grade, will hear candidate speeches this morning ahead of voting. Above, Agenda...

ACTUAL: From left, Shalhevet Judaic Studies staff Natalie  Ravanshenas, Mrs. Tova Goldman, Dr. Sheila Keiter and Ms. Mika Shalom wearing what they wore to work that day. Vogue Magazines photo, at left below, showed Jennifer Lopez and three models in similar garb.

Vogue Magazine finds something trendy in ‘Torah-Teacher aesthetic’

By Tali Liebenthal, Co-Editor-in-Chief
June 1, 2023

  A recent article in Vogue magazine entitled “It’s not modest dressing, it’s the Torah Teacher aesthetic” describes...

BORDER: Mr. ValaNejads Feb. 13 art installation was woven between angled panels of a LACMA security fence. Above, a section of the fence where the two different images — a swastika and an Islamic Republic of Iran flag — begin to morph into one another as a viewer passes by.

LAPD will investigate guerilla art installation until artist comes forward, offical says

By Tali Liebenthal, Co-Editor-in-Chief
April 21, 2023

The guerilla art installation installed on a LACMA fence Feb. 13 is still being investigated by police as a “hate incident,”...

ILLUSION: Two views of the fence design seen on Fairfax Avenue Monday show that from the south, it depicted the Iranian flag, in Nazi colors

LACMA fence swastika was an Iranian flag when viewed from opposite direction

By Tali Liebenthal, Co-Editor-in-Chief
February 17, 2023

The 17-foot-wide swastika affixed to the LACMA fence on Monday depicted an Iranian flag when viewed at a different angle and...

MONUMENT: Protesters at a Jan. 8 gathering at Century City’s “Freedom Structure” art installation draped it with hijabs along with Iranian and Ukrainian flags.

Death of Masa Amini in Iran not a surprise to Iranian-Americans at Shalhevet

By Tali Liebenthal, Co-Editor-in-Chief
February 17, 2023

  Shalhevet senior Hannah Nili was not the least bit surprised when she heard the news last fall that Iranian dissident...

TAPED: A Nazi flag about the size of a billboard appeared briefly on a fenced gate between LACMA and the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures this morning. About 16 feet wide, it may have been made of colored tape or other adhesive.

Nazi flag appears on Fairfax fence between LACMA and Academy Museum, half-mile north of school

By Tali Liebenthal, Co-Editor-in-Chief
February 13, 2023

EDITOR'S NOTE: Since the publication of this story, The Boiling Point has learned that the swastika affixed to the LACMA fence...

FOCUS: According to the American Library Association, more books are being banned, challenged or removed from classrooms and libraries across the country than in previous years. The reasons vary but often involve mention of sex or violence.

Simple changes, or sign of the times?

By Tali Liebenthal, Co-Editor-in-Chief
December 6, 2022

At the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, English teacher Ms. Nancy Fasules received the news from Administration that she...

In his free time, Mr. Simmons belongs to a club where people sample flavors of Mountain Dew.

New math and Econ teacher wants to get beyond the ‘rote, mechanical aspects’

By Tali Liebenthal, Co-Editor-in-Chief
October 3, 2022

Mr. Nick Simmons, who is now teaching three math courses and Economics at Shalhevet, said he came into teaching by accident. As...

BONDS: Shalhevet students said they felt comfortable talking to Mrs. Honig and often approached her for advice.

Mrs. Natalie Honig, who helped students overcome distance during Covid, leaves to direct Admissions at Maimonides

By Tali Liebenthal, Co-Editor-in-Chief
August 28, 2022

Mrs. Natalie Honig, a friend and listener to her students and someone who was tasked with connecting students throughout the distanced...

TRAVELING: Polina Vorona, 18, stopped to take a selfie in a restroom on her way from Ukraine to Poland in February. She and her grandmother traveled together from Kyiv, leaving behind Polinas father and grandfather. I know it’s really hard for Granny, Polina said, “[to] be separate [from] her husband, with my grandfather, for the first time in I don’t know, 40 years.

‘A sadness which you cannot explain with words’

By Tali Liebenthal, Community Editor
May 20, 2022

It seemed natural for Shalhevet sophomore Arielle Gueorguiev to sign up for a program that would connect her with a teenager in...

War in Ukraine: Is there a Russian side of the story?

By Tali Liebenthal, Community Editor
May 19, 2022

Yes, but perhaps not what you’d think. Science Department Chair Mr. Pavel Lieb – originally Russian himself – said he...

OLD: The school’s original Just Community Constitution, signed by students in 2003, was returned to the second-floor stairway lobby on Feb. 23.

Landslide schoolwide vote returns Constitution to the second floor lobby

By Tali Liebenthal, Community Editor
April 29, 2022

Although it wasn’t welcomed by speeches and the playing of the National Anthem, on Feb. 23 the Just Community Constitution was...

TOGETHER: Rabbi Block  (facing camera) and Rabbi Sufrin hugged before the Shalhevet vs. YULA soccer game March 19 in a display of public unity.

Rabbis Block and Sufrin call for unity after skit mocking Shalhevet and social activism

By Tali Liebenthal, Community Editor
March 28, 2022

At a Shalhevet soccer game against YULA on March 19, YULA Head of School Rabbi Arye Sufrin apologized to Shalhevet students, parents...

This school year, students are not allowed have unnaturally colored hair and boys are not permitted to have piercings of any kind.

Students respond to new policies on appearance

By Tali Liebenthal, Community Editor
January 25, 2022

Last Aug. 4. Principal Mr. Daniel Weslow sent out an updated version of the Shalhevet Student Handbook to students and parents.  Almost...

Mrs. Rich is studying for a masters degree in human genetics.

New Jewish bioethics teacher will channel inspiration from her high school days

By Tali Liebenthal, Staff Writer
October 7, 2021

Bringing a love of both science and Judaism to Shalhevet, Mrs. Bracha Rich has joined the Judiac Studies faculty and will teach...

SPACE: Hashkama Minyan Sept. 14 was less crowded than in previous years, when more than 100 people would attend. This year’s early-morning prayer service is open only to students in Advanced Gemara Shiur or Beit Midrash Track.

Administration ends Hashkama Minyan except for honors tracks

By Tali Liebenthal, Staff Writer
October 7, 2021

Hashkama Minyan, an early-morning daily prayer service that began at 7:20 a.m and was offered to all students beginning in 2013,...

OVERLOOK: From the balcony of his dorm overlooking the Kotel, David Edwards 20 photographs smoke rising where fireworks had ignited grass fields after being launched from Silwan in East Jerusulam before Shabbat on May 14.

Israel Under Fire: Views of a War

By Keira Beller, Caroline Kboudi, and Tali Liebenthal
August 23, 2021

On May 10, six rockets were fired into Israel from Hamas in Gaza. Two were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system,...

RELOCATED: The constitution now lives in the executive suite next to the front entrance to the school.

Constitution is relocated to first floor; second-floor lobby has new Israel display

By Tali Liebenthal, Staff Writer
June 7, 2021

After being stored in the first-floor administrative conference room since October, the Just Community Constitution has now been...

PROMINENT:  Since November, a painting by David Meytal has been in the geographical center of the school instead of the signed preamble to the Just Community Constitution.

Have you missed it? Just Community Constitution preamble to return to 2nd-floor lobby soon, officials say

By Tali Liebenthal, 9th Grade
April 11, 2021

After about five months of being missing from its position at the top of the staircase in the second-floor lobby, Shalhevet’s...

CAREER: In the future, Ami hopes to become a sports agent.

Ami Kent: Applying Basketball to Life

By Tali Liebenthal, Ninth Grade
January 25, 2021

“I’ve liked sports my whole life and I really got into sports when I was younger. I picked up basketball and started playing...

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