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CAREER: In the future, Ami hopes to become a sports agent.

Ami Kent: Applying Basketball to Life

I’ve liked sports my whole life and I really got into sports when I was younger. I picked up basketball and started playing basketball and I loved it. I don’t enjoy training cause it’s hard, but it’s like sometimes it’s enjoyable like the feeling after you’re done. Not that I don’t like it, It’s just very hard sometimes. If I’m like doing something that’s to help me get better at basketball like training some other way, working out doing different types of workouts, that can  be very physically challenging. Sports taught me through watching sports and seeing all the NBA players and all that and also playing basketball by myself taught me that even if something is challenging you can always persevere and you can always get better. I take that and I and I use it for other things in life like and know that in the end, it’ll all pay off.

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