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Simchat Torah: Embracing the Torah, away from the scroll

Simchat Torah: Embracing the Torah, away from the scroll
By Rebecca Cohen, 12th Grade October 9, 2020

I don’t have to tell you that this year’s holidays are going to be different. I don’t have to describe to you how it felt to sit and fast at home on Yom Kippur, instead of standing in shul, surrounded...

VIDEO: What are you repenting for on Yom Kippur 5781?

By Ariella Hirschhorn, Boiling Point Video Team September 23, 2020

Yom Kippur starts Sunday night. The Boiling Point wishes everyone a meaningful holiday and an easy fast.

From backyard minyans to distanced dinners, Covid Rosh Hashanah will look and feel different

OUTSIDE: Rosh Hashanah starts tomorrow night. With synagogues closed, many Shalhevet community members will be praying in socially distanced groups outdoors.
By Olivia Fishman and Tehilla Fishman, 10th Grade September 17, 2020

Shalhevet Dean of Students Rabbi Ari Schwarzberg thinks that it will be especially difficult to connect to God during the High Holidays this year. “There is a certain mood and certain energy that...

Even via Zoom, the shofar signals the season in Elul

REMOTE: Rabbi David Block blew the shofar over Zoom for his 10th-grade Talmud class on Sep. 8.
By Benjamin Gamson, News Editor September 15, 2020

Summer is ending. School, in its strange configuration, is revving up. And even in this pandemic year, Jews everywhere are getting ready for Rosh Hashanah, and trying to think about the year that’s passed...

New York allowing minyans, Los Angeles not yet

MINCHA: An outdoor minyan observed strict social distancing March 18 in Hancock Park. Officials say that is not permitted in California or Los Angeles, although it will soon be allowed in New York.
By Molly Litvak, Community Editor May 21, 2020

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced Wednesday that religious gatherings of up to 10 people will be permitted there starting tomorrow, but Los Angeles rabbis say they have not heard anything about...

Who suffers, who perseveres

NOW: As Pesach begins in this difficult moment, it is up to us to decide how to move forward.
By Rachel Lasry, Staff Writer April 8, 2020

Many of us in quarantine feel like we are suffering. In many ways, we are. Forced not to see our friends and family, deprived of the outdoors, living in fear for ourselves and our families. These are legitimate...

God, fragility and coronavirus: senior Tanach class seeks religious meaning of quarantine

INTROSPECTION: On the turf March 6, the class discussed Purim and personal insecurity. A week later, the topic was  quarantine.
By Sam Rubanowitz, Senior Editor March 16, 2020

Rabbi Ari Schwarzberg’s senior Tanach class held a Schoology discussion forum last Thursday on the religious significance of quarantine from the coronavirus. “Given the craziness and uncertainty...

Which Purim Character are You?

Which Purim Character are You?
By Liad Machmali, Torah Editor March 10, 2020

It’s that time of the year again, when all Jews finally get to wear the discounted costumes they purchased back in November and reminisce in the fabulous story of Purim. This March 9 and 10, we will...

Rabbi Tsaidi’s Gemara classes work on improving mitzvah observance

FRIENDS: Juniors Alessandra Judaken and Lenny Wolkind talked on the turf last week. As part of the avodat hanefesh unit for Rabbi Tsaidi, Alessandra decided to focus on shomer negiah.
By Bayley Sandler, Staff Writer February 23, 2020

Rabbi Yagil Tsaidi has started a mitzvah program that promotes doing meaningful but small things, so students can better themselves over time.  He calls it avodat hanefesh, which literally means...

Tu B’shvat: Who grows the fruit?

ARRIVAL: Newly planted in last year’s wooden planters by the turf fence, an heirloom cherry tomato plant celebrates the holiday of the trees. “I will be starting up the garden on the third floor this Monday, on Tu B’Shvat,” Jacob posted on Schoology Friday morning.
By Liad Machmali, Torah Editor February 10, 2020

The “new year” of the trees, also referred to as the birthday of the trees or Tu B’shvat, meaning the 15th of Shvat, is coming up this year on Feb.10. You can celebrate it by having a seder,...

Visit from Rav Judah sheds a Hasidic light on prayer

At a parent-teen learning session on Oct. 29, Rav Judah taught about the meaning of tefillah (prayer) and how to incorporate it into their day-to-day lives.
By Liad Machmali, Torah Editor January 5, 2020

When Rabbi Judah Mischel made his annual visit this year, students once again engaged with a Hasidic perspective that they don’t always encounter in their regular Judaic Studies program.  Rabbi Mischel,...

With last candle, thoughts on taking Hanukkah into the rest of the year

ENDING: As the menorah readies for eight candles at once, it's a good time to consider to manage assimilation versus authenticity during the rest of the year.
By Rachel Lasry, Senior Writer December 29, 2019

As Modern Orthodox Jews, we’re all well versed in the practice of combining our authentic selves with who we feel we are supposed to be. We’re constantly struggling, always forced onto the middle ground...

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