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Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

CHAVRUTA: Juniors and sophomores enjoy chicken wings with barbecue sauce while studying texts with Dr. Sheila Keiter Feb. 22 in the Beit Midrash.

Afternoon chevruta learning returns, this time with incentives

By Arieh Elad and Shevy Gomperts May 14, 2024

After a one-year hiatus, Judaic Studies staff brought back the bi-monthly Night Seder program this year, enticing more than 30 students for weekly Torah learning after school – plus cholent and poppers...

TORAH: Nitzotzei Torah masterminds Etan Lerner and Ariel Mazar study peirushim (commentaries) for their publication’s divrei Torah (words of Torah).

Revived bi-monthly ‘Nitzotzei’ lets students send up sparks of Torah

By Arieh Elad, Torah Editor February 11, 2024

Inspired by the Shalhevet Torah magazine Orot Shalhevet, written mostly by faculty and alumni writers, sophomores Etan Lerner and Ariel Mazar wanted a publication of their own. “We saw that there...

BOOKSHELVES: Sets of Shas, Mishneh Torah and commentaries on Tanach are among the many sefarim purchased to fill the Beit Midrash shelves.

A home for study, in carved wood and stained glass

By Mira Schulman, Features Editor January 16, 2024

At this time last year, Room 304 could easily have been mistaken for an all-purpose meeting room and classroom space. Now, after extensive renovations over the course of the past year, it is clear it is...

WAR: IDF soldiers maneuvering in Gaza last month.

What Jewish law says about war

By Etan Lerner, Co-Video Editor January 12, 2024

The indescribably brutal Hamas terrorist attacks of Oct. 7 have been the worst in the history of Medinat Yisrael, the nation of Israel, which has not been in a more existential crisis since its...

The book of Bereishit reveals the essence of God and man, and the foundations for their relationship. The last parsha – or Torah portion – of Bereishit was read last week; the book of Shemot will begin being read this Shabbat.

Looking back at Sefer Bereishit, an invitation to walk with God

By Aliza Katz, Staff Writer January 5, 2024

Rashi, on the first pasuk of Bereishit, brings an interesting point from Rabbi Yitzchak of the Talmud: Why didn’t the Torah start with the commandment to sanctify the new moon, the first mitzvah given...

SUBDUED: The atmosphere in shuls like the Happy Minyan on Pico Boulevard, pictured here on Oct. 6 before the holiday started, was restrained on Simchat Torah. Communities quelled the usually joyful holiday, taking the day’s events into account.

From Israel to Pico, Hamas terror flipped the switch on happiest holiday of the year

By Arieh Elad, Torah Editor December 7, 2023

In both Los Angeles and Israel, whether they went out to rejoice in the holiday or stayed in, everyone agreed that this year’s Simchat Torah celebrations were the exact opposite of what they were expected...

HOLIDAY: Yom Kippur Starts tonight at sundown. The fast begins tonight at 6:29 p.m. and end tomorrow night at 7:23 p.m. (Times for 90036, chabad.org)

Yom Kippur: Are you a little bit Yonah?

By Arieh Elad, Torah Editor September 24, 2023

We are cleansed of our sins on Yom Kippur when we confess, when we apologize, and when we forgive ourselves. The process of teshuva – repentance – is when we repair our wrongdoings and ultimately return...

On the second night of Rosh Hashanah, it’s customary to eat a fruit you haven’t eaten in a while. The reason is to be sure that there is something to celebrate with a bracha.

Fruit and forgiveness: For Rosh Hashanah, an unexpected connection

By Jonah Delson, 10th Grade September 15, 2023

“A life lived without forgiveness is a prison,” said William Arthur Ward, an American motivational writer. That’s pretty deep – let’s lighten the mood a bit. I really dislike fruit. I mean...

Ve’etchanan, which begins at Devarim (Deuteronomy) Chapter 3 verse 23, was read in synagogues July 29.

SUMMER PARSHA: In Ve’etchanan, Chorev has something to say about Sinai

By Etan Lerner, Co-Video & Podcast Editor August 20, 2023

The fifth perek, or chapter, of Parshat Ve’etchanan includes the repetition of the Ten Commandments, first revealed in Shemot in Parshat Yitro. In Ve'etchanan, the section starts off with a straightforward...

PARSHA: Parshat Chukat will be read on the Shabbat of June 24, 2023

SUMMER PARSHA: In Chukat, with just a few sharp words, Moses changes the ending of his story

By Etan Lerner, Staff Writer June 28, 2023

Many say that Moshe’s most transgressive sin took place in Parashat Chukat, when he famously struck a rock to bring forth water instead of speaking to it as God had commanded. According to many of the...

ACTUAL: From left, Shalhevet Judaic Studies staff Natalie  Ravanshenas, Mrs. Tova Goldman, Dr. Sheila Keiter and Ms. Mika Shalom wearing what they wore to work that day. Vogue Magazines photo, at left below, showed Jennifer Lopez and three models in similar garb.

Vogue Magazine finds something trendy in ‘Torah-Teacher aesthetic’

By Tali Liebenthal, Co-Editor-in-Chief June 1, 2023

  A recent article in Vogue magazine entitled “It’s not modest dressing, it’s the Torah Teacher aesthetic” describes a current fashion phenomenon that may or may not have to do with the...

FAITHS: Shalhevet teachers of different religions say they are enriched by learning about others’. From left, Dr. Basheer,  Rabbi Schwarzberg, Ms. Singh, Ms. Fasules and Dr. Harris, with symbols of Catholicism, Judaism, Hinduism and Protestantism. “We’re really not all that different, you know,” said Dr. Harris.

Non-Jewish teachers say working at Shalhevet strengthens ties to their own religions

By Mira Schulman, 9th Grade May 9, 2023

Shalhevet teachers of other faiths don’t feel that their religions are any barrier to feeling at home at Shalhevet. In fact, many think quite the opposite. Four teachers interviewed last semester...

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