The Boiling Point

UNEXPECTED: Shalhevet's Digital Firehawks Instructor Fred Leach said that he was surprise to see the amount and diversity of support for justice for George Floyd and others.

‘Constantly aware’ — Shalhevet’s Fred Leach describes being black in LA

July 14, 2020

Mr. Fred Leach, whose title at school is Digital Firehawks Instructor, is part of Shalhevet's Educational Support team. He oversees and helps students ...

Students said Mrs. Tobin Cohen showed them multiple sides of the Israel issues they discussed.

Israel Ed. teacher Hannah Tobin Cohen will not return

July 14, 2020

Israel Education teacher Mrs. Hannah Tobin Cohen, who sometimes used uncomfortable ideas to encourage students to develop their own opinions, will not be...

MATH: Ninth-graders in Ms. Kong’s Honors Geometry class studied the volume of three-dimensional shapes on Zoom this morning.  Students say they appreciate the reduction in homework, though some still find learning harder via computer.

Students feel heard as school reshapes academic policies for COVID

May 22, 2020

After a stressed-out start to Zoom learning in March, students are reporting lighter workloads and more free time for activities beyond school work sinc...

ELECTED: Rabbi Lieberman is the first person elected by the faculty and staff to represent them in a Just Community position in at least 10 years.

Rabbi Lieberman elected faculty representative to new Judicial Review Subcommittee

May 21, 2020

Judaic Studies teacher Rabbi Abraham Liberman was elected to be the first faculty member on the new Judicial Review Subcommittee and will serve for the remainde...

REVIVED: An original of the preamble to the Just Community constitution, signed by students and staff in 2002, dominated the second-floor hallway Thursday, day 39 of distance learning due to the coronavirus pandemic. Proponents said changes would bring the constitution into line with what school is like now, and also help more proposals be enacted.


May 14, 2020

UPDATED MAY 16: After a year of discussion, deliberation, meetings and last-minute revisions, members of the Just Community voted overwhelmingly today...

BALLOT: Online voting on a multi-part amendment to the Just Community constitution is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. today.

Voting has opened, Constitution must earn majority in at least three grades to pass

May 14, 2020

Today’s vote on the amended Just Community constitution will have to pass with a two-thirds majority, and also three of four grades will need to pass...

Vote moved up to Thursday after Town Hall shows support for new constitution

Vote moved up to Thursday after Town Hall shows support for new constitution

May 14, 2020

Drafters of the proposed new Just Community constitution decided late Wednesday that they would try to move up the vote to Thursday, after flash polling...

BROADER: Framers of the new constitution proposal this week changed the membership of the Judicial Review Subcommittee they are proposing. Along with the Head of School, it now includes leaders of Fairness and Agenda and an elected faculty representative, instead of just Fairness co-chairs and the Fairness Adviser.

Constitution vote, set for Friday, may turn on whether new document gives students more or less influence than original

May 13, 2020

After weeks of debate over whether a newly proposed constitution would give students more or less power than they have now, the Shalhevet community is sch...

<span>WINNER: </span><span>A virtual poster for Kate Orlanski, newly elected Agenda chair, included her campaign motto -- “Bottom up” -- in Aramaic. The phrase </span><em><span style=itaruta dilatata refers to effort coming upward from the ground." />

In historically uncontested election, vice-chair and secretary winners make news

May 7, 2020

Sophomore Jack Sanders was elected vice chair of Agenda and sophomore Liad Machmali was elected SAC Vice Chair in this year’s Just Community Electio...

DIFFERENT: Seniors and a few faculty drove down Cresta Drive in the Yom Haatzmaut car parade April 29. A total of 46 vehicles joined the line, which zig-zagged for 4.9 miles.

A blue-and-white parade of cars celebrates Israel Independence Day in the age of Covid

May 7, 2020

Throughout Pico-Robertson and Beverlywood last Thursday, Shalhevet families, alumni and others stood outside their homes carrying signs and Israeli flag...

BROADCAST: Snapshots of candidate videos were posted by school officials on Instagram Tuesday. The videos were required by the Fairness Committee, and for most candidates that was their entire campaign.

Just Community election campaign moves online, but not everybody follows

May 7, 2020

Seventeen candidates are running in Thursday’s election for Just Community offices, but some campaigned much more than others during the official postin...


Dr. Jerry Friedman and the roots of Shalhevet democracy

May 5, 2020

For Dr. Jerry Friedman and his wife, Jean, it all began at their daughter’s graduation from Harvard University. That day, Dr. Friedman -- successful...

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