The Boiling Point

Arson at Chabad near U Delaware gives Div. 1 athlete a platform to oppose hate

FIRE: Emergency personnel worked to extinguish an arson fire Aug. 25 at the Chabad Jewish Center in Newark, Del., which serves the University of Delaware’s Newark campus.

Benjamin Gamson, News Editor

September 10, 2020

When Nathan Benyowitz saw pictures of an arson attack burning the Chabad Jewish Center serving the University of Delaware, he realized he had a platform to take a stand against hate.  Nathan, who graduated from Shalhevet in 2017,  is now a senior at the university in Newark, Del., where h...

For COVID-19 nurses on opposite sides of the world, keeping families away is the hardest part

STRONG: Sydney Miller ’13 is ready for her shift at  NYU-Lagone Hospital’s coronavirus unit April 20.

By Juliet Wiener, Staff Writer

June 28, 2020

Shalhevet alumna Sydney Miller ‘13 is a nurse at the NYU Langone Hospital in New York. Typically, she finds enjoyment in sitting next to an anxious patient and comforting him or her through conversation. However, due to COVID-19, she now mainly communicates with patients on the screen of an iPad, or ...

Shalhevet alum is awarded Best Soldier in directorate of the IDF

HONORED: Rachel Lester gives a speech on Sept. 24 in Herzliya at the award ceremony for top soldiers in the Operational Directorate.

Benjamin Gamson, Staff Writer

February 6, 2020

Alumna Rachel Lester, Shalhevet class of 2012, was named an Outstanding Soldier in the Operational Directorate of the Israel Defense Forces this year, making her one of about 20 soldiers to be chosen by the various parts of the IDF responsible for planning the use of military force. Rachel was awarded for he...

Welcoming the stranger with hot food, scissors and applause

BRAID: Helped by volunteers from Los Angeles and elsewhere, asylum seekers who had been held in detention before being cleared to enter the U.S. were welcomed with their first showers and hot meals at the Casa de Oracion No. 2 church in northern Phoenix Jan. 16. Above, Marian Merritt braided one girl’s hair.

Sam Rubanowitz, Staff Writer

March 6, 2019

It was almost noon when two Department of Homeland Security buses finally turned into a church parking lot in northern Phoenix. Volunteers who had been there since around 9 a.m. were lined up and waiting to welcome the travelers into America. The first family to emerge -- a mother holding on to h...

From fact-checks to Facebook, Shalhevet alum helps IDF tell its story

<strong><span style=BERETS: IDF Private Rachel Lester, Shalhevet class of 2012, posed with her camera at sunrise at the end of the Nahal Beret March last summer. The recruits later received their green berets. Photo by Samantha Sharpe. " />

Molly Litvak, Outside News Editor

September 7, 2018

Imagine you’re watching gruesome raw footage of people running with weapons, setting fire to wide swathes of land and threatening harm.  Now imagine you are in charge of trying to send these images out to audiences all over, but you know that most likely, in most of the world they will n...

Through difficult times, music has accompanied Natalie Dahan

SING: Natalie Dahan sold out her first show at AMPLYFi on Melrose.

September 5, 2017

It’s impossible to find the right words to say. All I can do right now is tell myself I’ll be okay.  “Impossible” is a song that alumna Natalie Dahan wrote to help her overcome the rough patches in her life through the musical career she has embarked upon -- not that it’s her real career though.

French Jews abroad say election of Macron won’t stop more from leaving

THREAT: Alumnus Nathaniel Kukurudz '11, now in a joint graduate program of the London School of Economics and Sciences Po University in Paris, said France is no longer safe for Jews. His family left France in 2003 when Jean-Marie Le Pen made it into the presidential runoff; newly elected President Emmanuel Macron defeated Le Pen's daughter, Marine, in a runoff May 7.

Jacob Feitelberg, Outside News Editor

June 4, 2017

France's election of Emmanuel Macron as president May 7 was greeted with relief by Shalhevet's French-American families, but they also said it would not make the country more safe for Jews. His opponent, Marine Le Pen, would have been worse, they said, but they don’t expect Macron to make a differ...

Shalhevet alumni at Berkeley decry violence against Yiannopoulous

PROTEST: Joined by 150 outsiders, Berkeley students protested Milo Yiannoupoulous by setting fires and destroying property Feb. 1..

Nicholas Fields, Staff Writer

April 9, 2017

Although Shalhevet alumni at UC Berkeley did not agree with Republican personality Milo Yiannopoulos on many issues, they still felt his freedom of speech was denied when a violent protest forced police to cancel his appearance.

Alumni say U Chicago is safe even without ‘safe spaces’

VALUES: Alumni David Lorell, left, and Daniel Steinberg, freshmen at the University of Chicago, say the openness there reminds them of Shalhevet.

Abby Blumofe, Staff Writer

January 10, 2017

Last summer, the University of Chicago sent out a letter to incoming freshmen telling them not to expect their professors to warn them that an upcoming topic could trigger anxiety, flashbacks or other problems.  Students would also not be allowed leave a lecture and meet at a “safe space” when...

Alumni game unites old rivals

Alumni game unites old rivals

Nicholas Fields, Staff Writer

January 5, 2017

Crosstown rivals Shalhevet and YULA met in a different kind of basketball competition on Saturday night, Nov. 26, when their alumni faced off in separate men’s and women’s games in the Shalhevet gym to raise money for community organizations. With about 300 fans in attendance, the game raised...

Students explore athletic opportunities beyond the Shalhevet gym

FOREHAND: Senior Nathan Benyowtiz, ranked in the top 80 for California 18 and under, is one of a few Shalhevet seniors being recruited to play college sports.

David Edwards, Staff Writer

December 25, 2016

As Shalhevet’s seniors watch for their college admission emails this month, their classmate Nathan Benyowitz faces a different kind of waiting game. While others are wondering about dorm life, food and science departments, Nathan is wondering which tennis team he’ll play on. Just like Early Decision,...

Shalhevet alumna describes election from the Clinton Campaign headquarters

HEADQUARTERS: Alumna Yael Rabin '10 posed at the entrance to Hillary Clinton's national headquarters in Brooklyn, N.Y.  “Politicians -- they never sleep,

Rachel Metzger, Staff Writer

December 20, 2016

While America was busy reading articles, scanning polls or freaking out about the 2016 presidential campaign, Yael Rabin -- Shalhevet class of 2010 -- was working long hours as a volunteer for Hillary for America. Just after Yom Kippur, Yael got a job in the campaign’s Communications Department at...

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