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Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

GAME: Rabbi Ari Schwarzberg, whose 10th grade Advanced Tanach class played the Mishna Bomb game, offered extra-credit points to anyone who memorized a Mishna.

Surprise challenges from friends help students memorize Mishna

By Amalia Zucker, Staff Writer May 26, 2022

On Feb. 1, Dean of Students Rabbi Ari Schwarzberg posted eight mysterious words to the Just Community Schoology board: The First BOMB is about to be dropped.... As alarming as it sounded out of...

Senior Anya Mendelson ponders the college admissions process.

WHAT I KNOW NOW: Absurdity vs. reality

By Anya Mendelson, Staff Columnist May 24, 2022

I recently learned that absurdity can be met with absurdity. Absurdity is, by its nature, irrational and therefore often meets with an irrational reaction.  It is not a sentiment or response, no matter...

TRAVELING: Polina Vorona, 18, stopped to take a selfie in a restroom on her way from Ukraine to Poland in February. She and her grandmother traveled together from Kyiv, leaving behind Polinas father and grandfather. I know it’s really hard for Granny, Polina said, “[to] be separate [from] her husband, with my grandfather, for the first time in I don’t know, 40 years.

‘A sadness which you cannot explain with words’

By Tali Liebenthal, Community Editor May 20, 2022

It seemed natural for Shalhevet sophomore Arielle Gueorguiev to sign up for a program that would connect her with a teenager in Ukraine. Her mother and father are from there, and she needed community service...

BEGINNING: A child walked near a destroyed residential building in Kyiv on Feb. 25, the second day of the war. Russias unprovoked invasion of Ukraine surprised people in both countries.

War in Ukraine: Is there a Russian side of the story?

By Tali Liebenthal, Community Editor May 19, 2022

Yes, but perhaps not what you’d think. Science Department Chair Mr. Pavel Lieb – originally Russian himself – said he understands people’s anti-Russian sentiments. But citizens of Russia,...

LEARN: Rabbi Simon bar Yochai and his son studied in a cave for 12 years, fed only by a carob tree outside.

Lag B’Omer: Plagues and renewal, then and now

By Yael Schechter, 11th Grade May 19, 2022

Lag BaOmer is a joyous holiday that takes place on the 33rd day of the omer – the 49-day period between Passover and Shavuot, when we mourn the deaths of the students of Rabbi Akiva who were punished...

EARLY:  Hashkama Minyan met before start of school April 2. Students enrolled in advanced Judaic studies classes that meet during breakfast are allowed to go to prayer before school starts, whereas in past years anyone could pray early. Attendance is much lower.

No proposals yet from students to fix Hashkama

By Joshua Gamson, Torah Editor May 16, 2022

Two months after Head of School Rabbi David Block asked students for proposals to expand access to Hashkama Minyan while also ensuring good davening attendance overall, no new proposal has been made, school...

NEON: Lenny’s bright sign can be seen -- and noticed -- from down Pico Boulevard.

Lenny’s Casita fills an L.A. kosher food gap

By Avi Litvak, Staff Writer May 12, 2022

When Mexikosher closed three years ago, it was a dagger into the taco-loving heart of LA Jews who longed for a kosher Mexican spot. Now, Lenny’s Casita, which opened in 2020,  is greater than Mexikosher...

REFLECT: Junior Molly Menashe reacts to Confederate monuments she saw on the Gettysburg battlefield following Dr. Harris’s SAS Civil War trip.

A symbol that can’t be separated from its history

By Molly Menashe, 11th grade May 11, 2022

“Heritage not hate.” That expression glared at me from a shelved mug in a Gettysburg souvenir shop, in an image that will remain ingrained in my memory. Those three words, plastered on many Confederate-themed...

NEXT: In voting held right after last Friday’s debate,  Keira Beller became the third incoming Agenda chair in a row to have served as vice chair first.

Keira Beller elected Agenda Chair, Elliot Serure and Eliana Kerendian to lead Fairness

By Benjamin Gamson, Editor in Chief May 10, 2022

Keira Beller has been elected 2022-23 Agenda Chair, defeating 11th grade Agenda representatives Eli Weiss and Jack Metzger and becoming the third straight Agenda vice-chair to win the committee’s top...

CULTURE: Dr. Jonny Ravanshenas and Chazzan Eitan Aharon of Nessah Synagogue led an all-school Sephardi Party, minyan in honor of Nowruz. The celebration highlighted schools Persian-Jewish community with speeches, a musical performance and a traditional breakfast.

‘I can proudly say that I have a lot of Persian pride’

By Amalia Zucker, Staff Writer May 8, 2022

For the first time in school history, Shalhevet hosted a Persian-Jewish Cultural Day, a school-wide davening, assembly and breakfast celebrating the heritage of the school’s Persian-Jewish students and...

NEW CONTEST: Submit your idea for Mays drawing, above, in the form box below. You may enter as many times as you like. (BP Cartoon by Elliot Serure)

Boiling Point Caption Contest May 2022: Winner and new cartoon

By Elliot Serure and Eli Weiss May 2, 2022

Congratulations to Shalhevet's SAS Computer Science teacher Dr. Josh Sharfman, who wins first prize for his caption in the Boiling Point's second Cartoon Caption Contest. The cartoon for the next contest...

HANGING: Banners and flyers have been put up by candidates around the school last week ahead of elections this week.

Monday is first of two Just Community Election Days

By Benjamin Gamson, Editor in Chief May 1, 2022

Just Community officer elections will take place in two parts, beginning this Monday for all positions other than Agenda Chair, SAC Chair, and SAC Vice Chair. Campaign presentations will occur on Monday...

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