Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

KORBAN: Like the ancient ‘gratefulness sacrifice,’ Thanksgiving turns inner thankfulness into something shared.

THANKSGIVING: Grateful in public

By Mordechai Heller, 10th Grade November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving is a time to connect with loved ones close to you, to reflect and be thankful. The Torah provides a very similar sentiment long before our modern time: the korban todah -- the Thanksgiving...

TIMED: Allan Abshez, top left, spoke for 12 minutes on behalf of the hotel’s developers at a Los Angeles City Planning Commission meeting last Thursday on Zoom.  He said other hotels in the area do not consider needs of the area’s Jewish community.

Housing wins out as Planning Commission votes down ‘Soro Hotel’

By Joshua Gamson, Torah Editor November 24, 2021
Developers deciding whether to appeal to City Council
CENTRAL:  A proposed hotel being voted on by a city panel today would fill most of the block just south of the intersection of Pico and Robertson boulevards, the central corner that gives the neighborhood its name.

Hotel or housing? City Planning Commission deciding future of key intersection tomorrow

By Joshua Gamson, Torah Editor November 17, 2021

Tomorrow, the Los Angeles City Planning Commission is expected to vote on whether to approve a hotel near the intersection of Pico and Robertson boulevards, which its developer says would serve both...

Senior Anya Mendelson used to hate group projects. Now she likes them.

WHAT I KNOW NOW: Work smarter, not harder

By Anya Mendelson, Staff Columnist November 17, 2021

There are two types of students: There’s the student who is filled with relief, and excitement when a teacher announces that the next assignment will be group work. And there’s the student who believes...

POWER: Firehawk co-captain Talia Tizabi dribbles around a Ramaz defender in the quarterfinals game on Friday. The Firehawks won that game 60-47, and Talia went on to be named tournament MVP. To see more pictures, click on Gallery above.

Backed by cheering crowd, Firehawk girls defeat Berman Cougars to win their second Glouberman championship

By Noah Elad, Sports Editor November 12, 2021

At around 11 o’clock Saturday night, the frenzied cheers of the home crowd swept through a packed gym as the Shalhevet Firehawk girls team emerged with its second championship in the school’s annual...

The cover of the album ‘Flower Boy’ by Tyler the Creator.

MY LIFE IN A SONG: A friend in the wild

By Avi Litvak, Staff Writer November 8, 2021

My mom told me that wearing headphones on a hike was likely not a great idea, nor was hiking alone for that matter. But our family trip to Yosemite coincided with a personal musical renaissance I was having...

CLOSE: Berman lead after the first half of the game 36-29, but Shalhevet took the lead in the second half winning 71-64. Sophomore Yalee Schwartz dribbles down the court in the first quarter.

GLOUBERMAN DAY 1: A comeback and a landslide open Firehawks’ Glouberman as both boys’ and girls’ teams win

By Benjamin Gamson, Editor-in-Chief November 4, 2021

Both Shalhevet basketball teams won last night, the Shalhevet girls team defeating Berman Hebrew Academy of Rockville, Md., 71-64 in a come-from-behind victory, and the boys team in a dominant 63-39...

HYPE: Junior Dani Kunin cheers into the microphone during the pep rally Friday as students and players get excited for the upcoming Steve Glouberman Basketball Tournament, which starts Nov. 3.

Spirit, swag and real competition are back as Glouberman returns to gym

By Noah Elad, Sports Editor November 2, 2021

Students will once again be seen peeking down from the second-floor hallway into the gym trying to catch a glimpse of a basketball game in the middle of the school day. The downstairs hallways will again...

NEW: Shalhevet Scottsdale students wearing Nishmat Adin sweatshirts with academic facilitator Josh Meisel, right, in the Scottsdale JCC last month.

Seven now attending Shalhevet on Zoom from Arizona, starting new school there

By Benjamin Gamson, Editor-in-Chief October 31, 2021

Seven students have begun Zooming into school from Scottsdale, Ariz., as Nishmat Adin/Shalhevet Scottsdale has opened its virtual doors hoping to jump-start Modern Orthodox education in a growing Jewish...

FIT: Which one are you? The right way to wear a mask is covering your nose, not your neck.

EDITORIAL: Masks work. We should know.

By The Boiling Point Editorial Board October 27, 2021

On Aug. 23, three days before the start of school, the Boiling Point Editorial Board met with Rabbi Block for two hours in his office at school. Sitting around the coffee table with no doors or windows...

CONNECTED: Jewish service members join together to engage in prayer while deployed in Afghanistan in 2018. U.S. Army chaplain Rabbi David Becker, left, led services for the soldiers, including U.S. Army Maj. Moses Scheinfeld,
second from left; both live in Los Angeles. “I try to lift them up,” said Rabbi Becker, who taught at Shalhevet. “It’s a very difficult time in a soldier’s or military member’s life to be deployed so far from home and everything they know.”

Pride mixed with heartache for Jewish army officers who served in Afghanistan as US departs

By Keira Beller, Features Editor October 19, 2021

Watching with the rest of America as the Taliban swiftly took over Afghanistan last month were two members of Los Angeles’s Orthodox Jewish community who are currently on active duty in the U.S. Army. Major...

INVOLVED: Shalhevet Scottsdale freshman Hinda Gross will serve on the Fairness Committee this year. She attends most classes and activities via Zoom but visits the LA campus about once a month.

Scottsdale student wins position on Fairness Committee in grade-level rep election

By Gabriella Gomperts, Senior Writer October 19, 2021

Hinda Gross, a freshman at Nishmat Adin-Shalhevet Scottsdale, will be one of her grade’s two representatives to the Fairness Committee this year, integrating the partner campus more closely into the...

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