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Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Live blog of Shalhevet-YULA Varsity Basketball game

This live-blog has been brought to you by my iPhone.  Thanks AT&T!

8:34: the game is over. Yula wins, 52-32. Firehawks are still showing their support by cheering! There’s always next year, Firehawks.

8:32: a Yula player grabs freshman Adam Kaufler. Major foul!

8:30: Yossi scores for Shalhevet! Let’s hope we can keep it up.

8:28: Time out. Yula is in the lead, 48-30. With 2 minutes 34 seconds left, the Firehawks still have a chance to win!

8:27: Yossi fouls, Yula gets free throws, and missed one.

8:25: girls basketball returns from their basketball tournament. They lost against British Columbia.

8:21: Yossi gets fouled, takes a free throw…he makes a clean shot! And another! That brings their score up to 30 against Yula’s 41.

8:19: fourth quarter. Yula inbounds the ball, so it goes to Shalhevet. Spitzer almost scores.

8:17: third quarter is over with Yula in the lead, 39-28. Come on Shalhevet, we can still beat them!

8:16: Jojo scores again!

8:12: Jojo makes a shot, Simcha almost makes another three– but not quite. Score is 35-26, Yula.

8:10: crowd erupts into Firehawks cheers during a time out!

8:08: freshman Simcha Halpert scores another 3-pointer! Were catching up but still have a ways to go– score is 31-22.

8:05: back to the game!

7:56: The Segal children are getting restless. Good thing it’s halftime! Score: 31-19, Yula

7:54: Rothman fouls, Yula gets the ball.

7:51: Simcha makes a 3-pointer! Shalhevet is bringing it back! 29-19, Yula. We’re catching up though

7:50: Jojo takes a tumble but is back up in a second. It’s his second fall of the night!

7:48: Shalhevet calls a time out. Score: 27-12, Yula’s lead.

7:47: Yula’s fluorescent yellow shoes are blinding. How am I supposed to focus on the game if they’re all I can see?

7:48: Shalhevet calls a time out. Score: 27-12, Yula’s lead.

7:46: Jack Gindi gets a free throw because of a foul. He made both, giving Yula another two points.

7:44: first score of the second quarter goes to Shalhevet thanks to Yossi!

7:42: first quarter is over with Yula in the lead by 10. I’m crossing my fingers Shalhevet can bring it back! It’s a full house tonight–supporters are lining all four walls of the JCC.

7:40: an unfortunate Yula pass leads to Shalhevet scoring! Score: 20-10, Yula’s lead. 25 seconds left in the quarter.

7:38: SHALHEVET SCORES! The crowd keeps chanting defense, but the Yula supporters behind me overpower all of Shalhevet’s cheers– how loud can you get?!?

7:36: Yula turnover, Shalhevet gets the ball. They seem to be having trouble with defense though. Score: 12-2

7:35: Looks like Yula brought their mascot, a panther…too bad it looks more like a bear

7:33: first point scored by Yula, thanks to Jack Gindi. Then a Yossi scores for Shalhevet! Score: 2-2

7:30 pm: Right on time! Starting lineup: Simcha Halpert, Jojo Fallas, Eitan Spitzer, Adam Sharabi, and Yossi Halpert. Yossi is jumping for the ball against Yula’s star player Jack Gindi.

7:25 pm: According to sophomore Abner Sadik, it’s a game of size vs. speed–Shalhevet has the speed and Yula’s got the size.

7:22 pm: Time for varsity! Shalhevet and Yula’s teams are on the court for some warm-ups.

7:20 pm: Shalhevet junior varsity loses to Yula’s junior varsity, 53-31.

Sports Editor Tamar Willis will report live from the Westside JCC tonight beginning at 7:30 p.m.  JV game starts at 6.

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