You can be yourself in shades of beige

Talia Rotenberg, Staff Columnist

This fall as we settle back into our school routines, the weather is changing and so is the fashion. We are lucky because for this season, being casual and comfortable is the key. That means we can fit into our dress code with no problem, and the new look is eclectic enough that it can be adjusted to everyone’s personal style.

Stores such as Urban Outfitters, the Gap and H&M are layering t-shirts, dresses and leggings all in one outfit. Throw on one of their structured blazers or knitted sweaters to complete a relaxed yet polished look.

Floral print, polka dots, linen and leather are fabrics and patterns that are easy to find and thankfully have been popular in the past, so you can reuse a piece from last season with a new twist. Since fall colors such as bamboo, coffee and tan are the trends right now, you can layer on as many pieces as you’d like without risking a clashing disaster.

Magazines like People and Elle are also highlighting textured pieces, such as crocodile print for shoes and bags and crochet details on dresses and skirts, to add an extra punch to an already funky outfit.

Maxi-skirts were very on trend during the spring and summer and thanks to Max Azria’s and Tracy Reese’s fall-winter runways, we get them for yet another season. To adjust them for this season, try darker plum, blue tones or even soft neutral colors.  These are practically a gift to girls trying to be modest and stylish at the same time.

Nail polish and accessories are also fun additions. Jewel-toned nail polishes, as well as sparkles and metallic colors are exciting and eye catching. Reuse an old scarf as a belt, or grab a hand full of necklaces and wrap them as bracelets.

Ballet flats and tomboy loafers are chic for this fall and are ideal for any Shalhevet student because they are comfortable, very practical and of course in dress code. The loafers around right now are just as comfortable as your raggedy old slippers so it should be a pretty easy adjustment for those who dress for comfort.

If the shoes happen to be embellished with bows, studs or have a small heel, that’s even better. Stores like Cathy Jean, Steve Madden, Target and many more have shoes for all personalities.

Remember, these are just some tips, but don’t forget to always wiggle around until you’ve established the style that fits for you. There is definitely more to fashion that meets the eye, so dive in and discover what fashion means to you this new school year.