Unleash some attitude

Talia Rotenberg, Fashion Columnist

I cannot believe we are already halfway into the school year. We have our friendships established, no more nerves about new teachers and you may be happy with the grades you’re getting. Now what? Have we let ourselves get too comfortable – and settled into a fashion rut?

The stress of high school can be overbearing, but are we going to let it get in the way of looking and feeling good? No. So let’s get up and stretch because one hot trend that’s on the horizon this spring is 60s-70s punk glamour. (Well that’s a mouthful!)

Mixing textures and prints is very daring and different this season. Stripes, lace and crochet may seem very different but can be all worn comfortably and have a casual feel. Collars and high-necklines are very in and modest. Even light cotton turtlenecks are perfect, if you’re not claustrophobic like me.

As for bottoms, bell-bottoms and wide leg pants are comfortable and chic for those girls who are okay wearing pants (not at school, of course). For the boys out there, looser jeans with more of a flare are totally back in. So for all those guys in tight jeans, who may be losing circulation in their legs, take a breather and slip on a more comfortable pair. But, don’t get me wrong here; sagging will never be in style!

Meanwhile, tail hems on dresses and jackets are totally cool and tzniut (modest). This trend, in simpler terms, is when a dress is longer in the back then the front. Not only is this practical but adds symmetry and makes your eyes dance.

Pull out some clogs and kitten heels because those shoes will get you noticed. They are both comfortable, and you most likely have a cute pair of kitten heels you’ve shoved in the back of your closet waiting for an appropriate occasion to arise.  Why not now?

Overall, this is a rare time in fashion when you can be comfortable and not have to wear body-hugging outfits, but still look cute. These eclectic new trends are bound to make you pop out from the crowd, and because they vary so much, anyone can find something to love. They’re also great for any Shalhevet student because we are known as unique, free spirits – so let’s not let the people down.

Take advantage and allow fashion to be an outlet to help you forget about any stress you may be experiencing. Don’t settle for the same old outfit every day, but get excited and make an effort. When you look good, you feel good.

So here’s my last piece of advice: take a time out from all your essays and homework and flip through a magazine, or watch an old movie. Get inspired! Instead of letting the stress from school rule over our lives, let’s unleash some attitude and take charge!