What we’re wearing: Trend Revival

Talia Rotenberg, Staff Columnist

Fashion repeats itself. But is this actually an issue?

How annoyed were you when you invested in that pair of neon pink shoes at the end of summer 2009, only to discover that biker boots were the hot new shoe that coming fall? Luckily, the neon trend, like many past trends, has come back for an encore.

Everyone should get excited because it is time to dust off those neon kicks and take them for a spin. This spring, neon is very on trend and totally easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Whether you choose neon pumps or tennis shoes, shoes are the easiest way to make a statement and be in on this trend. Accessories are a fun way to incorporate the neon trend in a more subtle way with pieces like light weight scarves or chunky 80’s themed jewelry.

If you’d like to dress more daringly using neon, you can try color blocking – a trend that’s been popping in and out for years. Color blocking is when you combine loud and contrasting colors that are complementary to one other. Combining a bunch of neon colors in the wrong way can look a bit obnoxious, so pair them wisely. Another great way to color block is by using pastels. Pairing mint green and bubble pink, for example, is not only super fresh and girly, but it goes with the newly warm weather.

If you’re not especially daring and using contrasting colors scares you a bit, you can mix a few different hues of one color. Oranges and tangerines, my personal favorite colors, are bright and fresh and work well on most skin tones.

If solid bright and pastel colors are too girly or simple for you, futuristic and African tribal prints can have the same effect. African tribal is yet another style that has been popular over the years, with a major stint back in 2005. Pair your print with a bright or pastel solid, or try print blocking – mixing contrasting yet complementary patterns.

It seems that each season a new decade from the 1900s is being highlighted.  Since winter 2011-12 I’ve been noticing a lot of pieces inspired by the ‘20s. This trend is definitely carrying on into spring, so keep your midi-skirts and drop-waist dresses for a few months longer before storing them in your closet ‘til the trend revives again. If you haven’t yet invested yet, try a pleated midi-skirt in a pastel or bold print.

Just like frosting on a cake, I’d like to think that accessories make an outfit. This spring, metallic accessories are coming back from their short two-year hiatus. Back in fall 2010, metallic dresses and handbags were all the rage. However, this spring, the metallic trend seems a bit more subdued and can be worn as a neutral to tie an outfit together. A metallic belt or pair of shoes can bring just the right amount of shine to any outfit.

The moral of the story is this: keep your clothes! I’m not saying you should keep clothing that doesn’t fit, is stained, or that you may not like; those pieces should definitely be donated or thrown out.  But if there is a piece that may not be on trend at the moment but that you absolutely love, either wear it proudly or save it for later. Chances are your old apparel will have a comeback real soon.