The Boiling Point

After 5,000 years, God is still popular

After 5,000 years, God is still popular

March 13, 2011

Poll shows most Shalhevet students believe in an all-powerful God who cares about morality More than eight out of 10 Shalhevet students believe in God, ...

AP Art: Designed to make you think

Hannah-Leeba Ellenhorn and Zev Hurwitz, Staff Writer and Editor-In-Chief

March 11, 2011

Hanging right outside of the art room, Micha Zana’s latest work is at once complex and frustrating in its simplicity.  A group of kitchen utensils is nailed to a simple plywood canvas, and painted.  The entire composition leaves you wondering what exactly attracted you to the piece. “Figure it out,” said Micha, breezing by it during a free period last week.  “It’s...

Favorite teacher will chair math department next year

Favorite teacher will chair math department next year

March 11, 2011

Ms. Ekaterina Malikov, part time Pre-Calculus Honors teacher, was appointed February 18 to become the new chair of the Math Department and begin teaching...

Wave of recognitions supports a state of ‘Palestine’

Leila Miller, Outside News Editor

March 10, 2011

Athough usually attuned to news about Israel, most students didn’t notice when eight South American countries recognized a state of Palestine over the last three months. Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Guyana, Paraguay and Peru have now joined 111 other countries – more than half the 192 member states of the United Nations – that have recognized Palestinian...

Firehawk tennis team wins its inaugural match

David Rokah, Sports Editor

March 9, 2011

After years of talk, Shalhevet finally entered the world of competitive tennis last night with a decisive win over New Roads School in Santa Monica. Led by sophomore Max Lipner, who won his singles contest 3 - 0, and the doubles team of sophomore Elliot Sassover and freshman Matthew Denitz, also 3 - 0, the team is coached by Avi Meyerson and has five more matches schedules...

Wrist candy: Fun or inappropriate, Silly Bandz and ‘I Love Boobies’ bracelets are all the rage

Tamar Willis, Staff Writer

January 7, 2011

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve seen Silly Bandz and “I love Boobies” bracelets adorning the wrists of tons of people.  They’re the latest fad, and it looks like they’re here to stay for a while. Silly Bandz are thin silicone wristbands sold in themed packs.  When taken off, the bands assume different shapes -- everything from Western-themed designs...