Last year’s candidates invited to run again to fill vacant Agenda Secretary post


Jordan Levine

REVOTE: The election for Agenda officers was held in the gym last May. The winning candidate for secretary, Lucy Fried, gave up her post to go to Israel this term.

Last year’s  candidates for Agenda Secretary were informed today that they would be given the opportunity to run again in a mid-year election to replace Lucy Fried, who resigned to spend this semester in Israel on Camp Ramah’s study abroad program, called TRY, Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim.

Fairness Chairs Alex Reich and Becca Sentchuk sent out a Schoology message to the candidates.

“The fairness and agenda committees have convened and decided that we would like to hold a mid-year election to fill the newly open secretary position. We have also decided that the candidates for this election, out of fairness, can only be those who ran in the previous election,” the message stated.

The Boiling Point reached out to all the candidates, and as of 11:00 PM only Ari Sassover had expressed interest in running. The rest of the candidates — Talia Gill, Clara Sandler and Eva Suissa — were unsure.

In its meeting Jan. 16, the Agenda Committee decided to ask Fairness for a recommendation on how to choose Lucy’s replacement. They expected to receive a suggestion from the Fairness Committee and then to decide themselves, they said at the time.

However, Agenda Chair Bennett Schneier said yesterday that Mr. Feld and the Fairness Committee approved it without consulting the Agenda Committee.

“[The decision was made] without me,” said Bennett. “The decision was made by the Fairness committee. They made a recommendation and Mr. Feld signed off on it.”

Alex and Becca told the Boiling Point that Just Community adviser Mr. Jason Feld told them to implement this idea, and that is why they sent out the message.

They also said that this plan is not final and that there will be a public announcement in the near future.

Mr. Feld could not be reached for comment.