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Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

MENTOR: Ms. Garelick curated an exhibition of student art in the Beit Midrash for Shalhevets Celebration Dinner on May 31, honoring Roen Salem zl.

Sam Garelick, art teacher who added new courses, moving to New York

By Etan Lerner, Staff Writer June 7, 2023

  Ms. Samantha Garelick, who fostered creativity in her many classes and also led Firehawks for Israel, will be leaving Shalhevet after this school year and moving to New York state with her family. She...

ACTUAL: From left, Shalhevet Judaic Studies staff Natalie  Ravanshenas, Mrs. Tova Goldman, Dr. Sheila Keiter and Ms. Mika Shalom wearing what they wore to work that day. Vogue Magazines photo, at left below, showed Jennifer Lopez and three models in similar garb.

Vogue Magazine finds something trendy in ‘Torah-Teacher aesthetic’

By Tali Liebenthal, Co-Editor-in-Chief June 1, 2023

  A recent article in Vogue magazine entitled “It’s not modest dressing, it’s the Torah Teacher aesthetic” describes a current fashion phenomenon that may or may not have much to do with...

WIRED: Groundbreaking convenience or the end of writing? Whatever it is, ChatGPT adds shortcuts to schoolwork.

Chatbot or cheatbot? Students and teachers are finding ways to use, or not use, ChatGPT

By Joshua Gamson, Community Editor June 1, 2023

  A Boiling Point survey on ChatGPT found that as of April, just five months after it was introduced, 61% of Shalhevet students responding had used it, and 21% had either turned in classwork generated...

FRIENDS: Fellow juniors and Agenda Chair candidates Zion Schlussel and Rami Melmed shook hands at the end of a lively debate April 28 in the gym.

A blow horn to quiet Town Hall? Rami Melmed elected Agenda Chair after colorful debate

By Joshua Gamson, Community Editor June 1, 2023

Rami, whose responses also included pulling out a blow horn – and sounding it – to demonstrate how he’d eliminate talking during Town Hall, defeated fellow junior Zion Schlussel at the end of a 90-minute...

Students say they are using ChatGPT primarily for convenience, but AIs true capabilities tell a different story.

EDITORIAL: ChatGPT – Beware the price of convenience

By The Boiling Point Editorial Board May 30, 2023

“Write me a five-paragraph scholarly essay on the American Revolution.” “Summarize Act 3 Scene 2 in Romeo and Juliet.” “Solve the following physics equation…” Since the launch of...

VIDEO: Is Your Favorite Water Brand Really the Best?

By Ariel Mazar, 9th Grade May 30, 2023

Four students and one teacher were given the chance to see if they could tell which water was which, including one they said was their favorite. The choices were Arrowhead, Evian, Fiji, Smartwater and...

WIN: From left, Coaches Adam Plax, Andrew Schultz, Ryan Coleman and Jena Laolagi with Shalhevet founder Dr. Jerry Friedman, center, holding the championship trophy plaque after the Firehawks won the CIF Southern Regional Championship at a home game in the gym March 7.  Coaches Plax, Schultz and Laolagi all will start new head coaching jobs in area high schools next year.

After Championship win, three coaches are leaving at once to take head coach positions elsewhere

By Martzi Hirsch, Sports Editor May 29, 2023

  Six weeks after the Firehawks varsity girls team won the CIF Division IV state basketball championship, three out of the four coaches have announced their departure from Shalhevet to take head...

VIDEO: Exploring LA, Episode 1 – Stoneview Nature Center

By Etan Lerner, Staff Writer May 25, 2023

Tucked within Baldwin Hills off South La Cienega Boulevard in Culver City lies the newest Los Angeles County park. Known as Stoneview Nature Center, the park is visitor-friendly yet also provides sustenance...

BOLD: Freshman Sam Jacobson, left, makes a move against senior Alon Keiter in the chess club’s championship match April 24.

Keiter defeats Jacobson in fast-moving school chess championship

By Martzi Hirsch, Sports Editor May 18, 2023

Senior Alon Keiter defeated freshman Sam Jacobson to defend his title as champion in Shalhevet’s annual Chess Tournament April 24, as viewers chanted the names of the contestants and as many as 30 people...

FOCUS: Robotics team member Jaden Silver studied the wiring for Rakhamaiella Hatzlakha on Day 3 of the FIRST Robotics Competition, held this year at DaVinci High School in El Segundo.

‘Rakhamaiella Hatzlakha’ picks up cubes, cones and praise for Robotics Team

By Aliza Katz, 10th Grade May 18, 2023

Shalhevet’s Robotics Team placed 11th out of 44 teams and also reached a competitive milestone with their robot, Rakhamaiella Hatzlakha, which could pick up cubes and then place them on shelves, and...

POWER: Sophomore Aiden Bitran drives in for the layup against Frisch High School in the Steve Glouberman Tournament last Nov. 3.

AIDEN BITRAN: Embracing his role

By Jonah Delson, 9th Grade May 17, 2023

This season, Firehawks’ starting guard sophomore Aiden Bitran grew into a new role as a more contributory member of the team – with and without the ball, as recommended by his coach. Head Coach...

GREEN: A field at the edges of Auschwitz is surrounded by barbed-wire fencing. The class of 2023 is visiting Israel and Poland this week, and saw Auschwitz on Sunday.

SENIORS IN POLAND: Colors of death

By Jack Metzger, Staff Writer May 16, 2023

Poland. The beautiful, awful country. A country that has both life and death. Poland, a country of green grounds scattered with mustard flowers. But beyond those mustard flowers is death. Life and death...

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