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Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

Shalhevet news online: When we know it, you'll know it

The Boiling Point

SPEECH: Eliana Vahedifar, one of two newly elected sophomore representatives to the Fairness Committee, gave her election speech in Room 305 Oct. 24.  This year’s campaign had mostly speeches and no signs or flyers.

New election held for JC grade-level reps after problems with ballots and tally

By Martzi Hirsch, Community Editor November 27, 2023

In the latest complications to a Shalhevet Just Community election, this year’s Fairness Committee had to send out voting links a second time after making a mistake on the first link and also not knowing...

REPRESENT: Wearing matching sweatshirts, Shalhevet students and faculty raise posters of those who were kidnapped by Hamas during Tuesday’s rally at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Calling for the release of the hostages taken by Hamas on Oct. 7 was one of the main themes at the Nov. 14 rally.

‘Let us not forget’ – 25 from Shalhevet join historic pro-Israel march in Washington, D.C.

By Ezra Helfand, Executive Editor November 17, 2023

A Shalhevet delegation of 21 students, four faculty, and many alumni and families stood in the front row of the March for Israel this past Tuesday on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., in what speakers...

CLOSE: In a hard-fought match, Shalhevet’s volleyball team was ultimately edged out in the game’s final set. “This season has been amazing,” said Coach Natalie Livermore.

Firehawk volleyball team encouraged by CIF post-season appearance despite second-round defeat

By Shevy Gomperts, Staff Writer October 30, 2023

Shalhevet players and coach felt they gave the game their all, but that ultimately the opposing team deserved to win.  The Firehawk girls’ volleyball team lost to Santa Rosa Academy in the second...

TODAY: Four separate Town Halls, one for each grade, will hear candidate speeches this morning ahead of voting. Above, Agenda Chair Rami Melmed and senior Keira Deutsch studied the Just Community Constitution in the second floor lobby.

JC rep elections held after Town Hall-only campaign, but ballot mistakes delay results

By Joshua Gamson, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 24, 2023

  UPDATE, 9:55 p.m: Freshman and sophomore elections were invalidated by the Elections Subcommittee today due to a ballot error that allowed people to vote multiple times. New ballots were sent...

COLUMN: Sleepless nights and random tears

COLUMN: Sleepless nights and random tears

By Temma Kirshbaum, Staff Columnist October 23, 2023

Over the past week, I have found myself struggling to put emotions into words. Trying to find logic in a situation where you cannot rationalize another side and their motives.  Motzei Simchat Torah,...

VIEW: The deadly inferno was well ablaze as the Jacobsons waited in traffic on the road back toward Lahaina. “We were lucky we had gone on that day trip, because we were never really close to the fires,” said Ms. Jacobson.

A day hike in East Maui saves Shalhevet parents from fatal blaze

By Sophie Katz, Outside News Editor October 19, 2023

Though the power was out that day in Lahaina where they were vacationing, Heather and Joel Jacobson had planned a day trip traversing a famous scenic road. So they decided on the morning of Aug. 8 to drive...

SUPPORT: Shalhevet was well represented at the Oct. 10 StandWithUs rally, which also attracted non-Jews who were eager to back the State of Israel.

Shalhevet buses students to attend energetic StandWithUs rally in Westwood

By Sonya Katzin, Arts and Culture Editor October 17, 2023

About 500 people of varying backgrounds – including three busloads of Shalhevet students – showed up Tuesday for a spirited rally in support of Israel on the third day after Hamas terrorists killed...

SONG: During Tuesday’s kumzitz, Rabbi Block (standing) told students to find strength in mindfully fulfilling their normal commitments.

With somber song, Shalhevet stops to absorb tragedy in Israel

By Martzi Hirsch, Community Editor October 13, 2023

On the first day of school after a two-week-long Sukkot break, Shalhevet students and faculty gathered in the gym as one on Oct. 10 for davening and an assembly to acknowledge and process the tragedies...

Podcast: Season 4, Episode 1: SAC Chairs Atara Cohen and Adi Liebenthal plan a year of happiness

Podcast: Season 4, Episode 1: SAC Chairs Atara Cohen and Adi Liebenthal plan a year of happiness

By Jonah Delson and Etan Lerner September 29, 2023

In Season 4 Episode 1, podcast host Jonah Delson interviews seniors Adi Liebenthal and Atara Cohen, co-chairs of the Student Activities Committee (SAC), about their plans for the 2023-24 school...

HOLIDAY: Yom Kippur Starts tonight at sundown. The fast begins tonight at 6:29 p.m. and end tomorrow night at 7:23 p.m. (Times for 90036, chabad.org)

Yom Kippur: Are you a little bit Yonah?

By Arieh Elad, Torah Editor September 24, 2023

We are cleansed of our sins on Yom Kippur when we confess, when we apologize, and when we forgive ourselves. The process of teshuva – repentance – is when we repair our wrongdoings and ultimately return...

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