12th Grade Blog: Ari’s Roar

Ari Feuer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Our Year


Basketball practices started this week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) and I also watched 20-plus potential debaters sludge, bumble, and — occasionally — glide their way through Model Congress tryouts on both Wednesday and Thursday after school.  But who wants to hear about my insane workload and full schedule, which also includes three AP courses and college essays and applications?

Nobody.  I’m tired of going over the details myself.  I’m almost regretting starting this post with a quasi-complaint.

So scratch that—time to twist the trouble into the terrific.

This week, my basketball coaches and friends kick started my motivation to make this year “our year,” as seniors.

Coach confidently predicted a state finals appearance come playoff time, and my fellow debaters and I realized that our last opportunities to bring home some shiny hardware (Model Congress slang for “gavels”) in the name of the Big Bagel are fast approaching.

With a strong core of athletes and debaters returning to our respective basketball and Model Congress teams, I’m already feeling restless to play my part in this year’s to-be successes.  When Coach calls me up to play, I need to step on the court and shut down the other teams’ (especially the Summit Views’) challenges to us Firehawks.

My first night of committee at Princeton Model Congress in D.C. must put my chairs and competition on notice—I’m flying back to L.A. with at least one engraved hammer.

The necessary pieces are in place for an entertaining, crazy, and success-filled year with respect to co-curriculars.

It’s time to set out to conquer our year with every dribble, amendment, article, cross-examination, soliloquy, musical note, spike, goal, home run… I think you get the point.