UPDATED: Boiling Point at Donald Trump Rally

May 27, 2016

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump arrived Friday at the San Diego Convention Center to a crowd of some 10,000 enthusiastic supporters, as well as more than 1,000 equally enthusiastic protesters, according to police and local news media estimates.

The interior of the convention center was a sea of people standing shoulder to shoulder inside the vast, airplane hangar-esque hall, clamoring and jostling their way to a better vantage point. Some held signs with slogans such as “Veterans for Trump” and “Make America Great Again. Others hoisted children upon their shoulders.

Just outside and across the street was the hub of the day’s anti-Trump protests. The demonstrators symbolized their message of opposition to the businessman on carried poster boards stating “Golden State Does Not Hate,” “Can’t Argue With Stupid” and “Deport Trump,” as well as a small effigy of the candidate wearing a sombrero, labelled “Racist” in all capital letters.

After being introduced as a “golden wrecking ball” by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Mr. Trump took the stage at around 2:35 P.M. to 2 Unlimited’s “Get Ready for This” blaring through large speakers dangling over the standing crowd, shaking the very air. Once the rally was officially started, Trump wasted no time addressing the strong military presence in the room with comments such as “We’re going to strengthen our military,” as well as individually honoring several WWII veterans present at the rally.

As has become typical at Trump rallies, a small group of protesters found their way inside the hall, and made their views known 10 to 15 minutes after he took the stage. Mr. Trump himself, as well as any crowd member not close enough to hear them, were made aware of their presence by a cacophony of boos and yelling that was swiftly unleashed in their direction. The protesters were escorted out of the rally, but not before Trump thanked them for the publicity.

Perhaps the most tense moments of the rally were brief interactions between Mr. Trump and the news media. Mr. Trump announced his disdain for the media in his first few sentences on stage, urging the camera operators to turn their equipment to face the audience, adding, “You know they never wanna show the crowds we get. 

When the cameras did face the crowds a few minutes later, Mr. Trump was complained, “Look at those cameras, they turned because they found a protester. Look at those cameras, those bloodsuckers.

He further provoked the media by repeatedly referring to them as “the slime” and “some of the most dishonest people in the universe.

The rally concluded at  3:27 P.M., with the candidate promising  the American people that when he is president, they will be winning so much, they’ll get sick of it. Mr. Trump then stayed for about 20 minutes signing various merchandise and taking pictures with fans.  


3:27 PM: Rally ends.

3:20 PM: Donald Trump said, “We are so politically correct folks, our country is dying from within.”

3:17 PM: Donald Trump said, “I have women that are making just as much as my men.”

3:16 PM: Donald Trump said, “Donald Trump is not sexist. Who would say that unless you had evil thoughts?”

2:08 PM: An anti-Trump protest across the street from the rally
Photo by Daniel Lorell
2:08 PM: An anti-Trump protest across the street from the rally

3:16 PM: Donald Trump said, “I love emails, they never go away. Hillary, do you hear that?”

3:07 PM: Donald Trump said, “We have become a Third World country folks, and it’s not gonna happen any longer.”

3:06 PM: Donald Trump said, “You go to China, bridges everywhere, it makes our bridges look like toys.”

3:02 PM: Donald Trump said, “We’re going to protect our second amendment rights.”

2:48 PM: Donald Trump said of news media: “Some of the most dishonest people in the universe.”

2:48 PM: Donald Trump said, “We’re gonna take care of the African Americans who are suffering in this country.”

2:48 PM: The crowd at the rally
Photo by Daniel Lorell
2:48 PM: Photo of the crowd at the rally

2:45 PM: Daniel Lorell said Donald Trump said, “People that aren’t doing well, they’re going to be doing very, very well.”

2:07 PM: Photo of the Security line to get into the rally
Photo by Daniel Lorell
2:07 PM: Photo of the Security line to get into the rally

2:37 PM: Daniel Lorell said Donald Trump said, “We’re going to strengthen our military.”

1:51 PM: Approximately 6,000-7,000 people in line for the rally, according to Boiling Point count.

1:02 PM: Approximately  4,000 people are at the rally, according to Boiling Point count, an hour before Trump is scheduled to arrive.

Video of of a Mexican flag waving in the anti Trump protest across the street, guarded by security and police in riot gear.


Video of Trump assuring the crowd about how his male and female employees are paid equally.
Trump talking about his legal case, and how he is in the right and will not settle.
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