Welcome to ‘The Talking Point’

A new podcast from The Boiling Point

By Sam Rubanowitz, Executive Producer

Given that society is so different right now under COVID-19, the Boiling Point is offering a new way for the community to access our news coverage. Welcome to the Talking Point.

The Talking Point will cover the ongoings at Shalhevet and around the globe, providing interviews with students, faculty and others along with regular commentary.


Episode 1 features COVID-19 news updates, the latest on Shalhevet plans for the rest of the school year, an interview with school counselor Esther R’bibo on how to handle it all, and junior Ellie Orlanski on what it’s like.


  1. COVID-19 statistics through April 1 | Benjamin Gamson, Staff Writer and Polling Director, Co-host
  2. Updates on California public schools and Shalhevet’s plans for the rest of the year | Jacob Lefkowitz Brooks, Editor-in-Chief, Co-host
  3. Shalhevet counselor Esther R’bibo on the mental health effects of the lockdown and how to deal with them | Jacob Lefkowitz Brooks
  4. “Ellie Talks” on what student life is like under COVID-19 | Ellie Orlanski, Co-chief Layout Editor, Contributor


Our team:

Jacob Joseph Lefkowitz Brooks, Co-Anchor, Editor-in-Chief of The Boiling Point

Benjamin Gamson, Co-Anchor, Staff writer and Polling Director of The Boiling Point

Ellie Orlanski, Host of “Ellie Talks,” Co-Chief Layout Editor of The Boiling Point

Sam Rubanowitz, Executive Producer, Senior Editor and Video Editor of The Boiling Point

Eli Weiss, Assistant Producer,  Assistant Web Editor of The Boiling Point


Talking Point Intro by Eli Weiss

“Underwater Bubble Sounds ” by Priscilla Wood 
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