Remer replaces Ryan, but both coaches remain

No change to basketball or football programs, but Remer will now coordinate sports overall


EXPERIENCE: Coach Remer comes to Shalhevet with over 10 years of work in athletics. BP Photo by Neima Fax.

By Tobey Lee, Features Editor

Coach Ryan Coleman and Coach Jeff Remer have partly switched jobs this year. Coach Remer, the girls basketball coach, has taken over as school Athletic Coordinator. Coach Ryan Coleman, who had been Athletic Director, will coach boys Varsity and JV basketball, while also leading the flag football team.

Coach Remer, who is the parent of two Firehawk basketball players — senior Eitan and sophomore Ze’ev Remer — will continue coaching the girls basketball team.

In that capacity, he said, Coach Ryan will be his boss. Coach Coleman, who was named Jewish Hoops Coach of the Year after leading the Firehawks to a Sarachek championship against the Valley Torah Wolfpack last March, has also been given the title Director of Basketball Operations.

Coach Coleman said managing the practice and game schedules of the 11 teams in the school had been difficult, in part because of the time it took to get to Shalhevet from his home in Calabasas in northwestern Los Angeles County — and get his kids to and from school as well.

“Can’t spend three hours in the car everyday anymore — how long it takes me to get to and from work,” said Coach Coleman. “It just became too much.”

“I have to pick them up and take them to school,” he said. “They go to school in the opposite direction of Shalhevet and I live in Calabasas as it is.”

Coach Coleman also has been coaching at Calabasas High School for seven years, and working for a sports management agency and running a strength training company called “MVP Strength” for eight years.

The change was announced in an email on July 2 from Dean of Student Life Jonathan Ravanshenas, who is in charge of co-curriculars this year.

“Coach Remer brings with him over a decade of experience and passion for Jewish education and athletics, coaching a variety of sports,” said Dr. Ravanshenas.

Coach Remer said there was no relevant difference between his title, Athletic Coordinator, and Coach Coleman’s Athletic Director.

“Nobody has made a meaningful distinction between the two,” Coach Remer said.

Coach Remer hopes to give all students the opportunity to play sports.

“If there are any students who want to have a specific sport that currently is not on the list of sports that Shalhevet offers, I believe that Shalhevet has always said that if you can get the people to be a part of a program or a team, Shalhevet will make it happen,” Coach Remer said.

Both coaches are popular with basketball and football players.

Junior Caroline Edry, a center on the girls basketball team, said Coach Remer helped her understand the reasoning behind the game.

“He focused not only on conditioning, he also focused on the logic behind basketball,” Caroline said.

Senior Yakir Kanefsky, a linebacker on the flag football team, said he was glad Coach Coleman would continue.

“He cares about his players, he wants everyone to get better,” said Yakir. “He’s always there to give advice, he’s always willing to work with you.”

On a personal level, the two coaches say their bond is strong and continues to grow.

“My relationship with Ryan prior to being Athletic Coordinator was great, and my relationship with Ryan after taking over as Athletic Coordinator continues to be great,” Coach Remer said

Coach Ryan will now be able to invest more time on the sports he coaches.

“I work to help him and assist him with the things that he needs to get done,” said Coach Remer. “And I’ve been able to take away, you know, some of the sports that … allow him now to focus more on basketball and football.”

“The relationship has been enhanced.”