Kudos for reaching out

To the Editor:

First of all, I wanted to thank you for sending me a copy of the article you wrote in which I was quoted. Aside from the misspelling of my name (not to worry – I’ve been called much worse) and an error or two in content (Rambam never wrote a commentary on Orach Hayyim) it was a really well done piece both in terms of form and content. It was an honor being included.

Especially interesting to me was the idea of reaching out to other schools as you did. We all tend to live in our own little day school bubble oblivious to the scores of schools and thousands of other students out there with whom we share much despite the geographic distance which may separate us. I hope that other newspapers, including our own, can follow your lead.

On a related note I wanted to proffer my unsolicited compliments on a wonderful issue of the paper as a whole. Again, both in form and content, it is of a caliber that one doesn’t often find in school newspapers, public or private. Kol ha-kavod to you and your colleagues!


Rabbi Jay Goldmintz Ed.D.
Ramaz Upper School
December 2, 2011