Letter to the Editor and response: Michigan professors open new front in academic boycott of Israel

To Whom it May Concern,

The article entitled “Michigan profs open new front in academic boycott of Israel” has a few errors. First, the photo it displays is not of Haven Hall, but is of the Bob and Betty Beyster Building which houses the computer science department.

Also, I am Lily’s sister and my name is Jennie, not Jenn.

Please amend these errors at your earliest convenience.

Additionally, I find it imprecise and slightly careless to label the University of Michigan as having “large BDS activity.” As a student, I have witnessed one BDS related demonstration per year (or maybe even per semester). Many other universities and colleges in this country have several more instances and I do not find it honest to paint Michigan in that light without further research.

I love my school and respect the decisions it has made regarding anti-Semitism and anti-Israel actions that have occurred on campus. I urge you to delve deeper into just the flashy headline and further investigate and examine what actually happens on not only my campus, but others as well.

I am not concerned with the small number of applicants from Shalhevet to Michigan this year considering when I was applying, I was the only one. However, I would like to say that if such students are deterred from applying due to their Judaism, I would strongly encourage them to reconsider.

The Jewish life at Michigan and the overwhelming support I have felt as a Jew on campus is hard to describe. I rarely, if ever, feel uncomfortable being a religious Jew here. There are countless resources in Hillel, the Jewish Resource Center (JRC) and Chabad as well as other organizations on campus.

I fear that The Boiling Point is not presenting an accurate enough picture of Michigan and I would like that to change.

As much as I welcome any and all discussion regarding my university and its actions, I would appreciate if the facts presented, were indeed facts. I am happy to talk with anyone at The Boiling Point about my experiences or with any students who wish to consider Michigan as the place for them.

Chanukah Sameach and Go Blue!


Jennie Drazin
University of Michigan, Class of 2019
Athletic Training, BS

Hi Jennie,
Photo and spelling of your name have been corrected. Photo was correct in print paper; similar-looking buildings on Google confused the online one. Thanks for pointing it out. If you look you’ll see it has been changed.
As to your other comments, editors met to discuss today. Plan is to publish your letter both online and in print, probably with a response.
Thank you for writing to the Boiling Point.

The Editorial Board