Letter to the Editor: Respect JCC aerobics

Dear Editor,

The Boiling Point is informative, professional, well-written and edited, and deserves the awards it has received.

A comment in “The Year of Living Dangerously” column in the April 2015 issue was, however, less than sensitive. In addition to noting the other inconveniences suffered by the Shalhevet students having their classes meet at the Westside Jewish Community Center, columnist Sigal Spitzer includes “and no more senior citizen aerobic classes.”

I am one of the (very) senior citizens who enjoys and benefits from these aerobics classes.  Just last week, the great improvement in the speed of my reflexes prevented very serious injury as a result of a car suddenly backing out of an alley next to Beth Jacob Synagogue, (where I attend a number of Torah study classes,) missing me by inches.

I hope that some day, when Ms. Spitzer becomes “a senior citizen,” she will be in good enough shape to participate in such classes.

Sincerely yours,

Anita M. Wincelberg

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist