We’re not getting in the way — RE: “Wait your Turn” (December 2010)

To the Editor:

We’re 11th grade parent co-captains, and write to respond to Rebecca Asch’s suggestion that juniors
should refrain from fundraising for next year’s Poland-Israel trip so as not to make current seniors’
own fundraising more difficult (“Wait your turn,” Dec. 2010 issue). Rebecca’s concerns are legitimate,
and the Parents Circle goal for coming years is to try to do all fundraising for the trip during 11th grade.
Meanwhile, we’ve tried to choose projects that do not compete with seniors’ efforts, or that reduce any
competition to a minimum. Before starting pizza sales on Thursdays, for example, we contacted the 12th
grade parent captain to make sure that seniors were not about to do it. Also, the 11th grade is planning
a raffle which will target prospective buyers well beyond the school. Rebecca’s suggestion to use 11th
grade for planning projects and 12th grade for carrying them out does not always work – selling Krispe
Kreme donuts was a “use it or lose it” kind of opportunity since the sale was especially appropriate for Hanukkah and 11th grade parents were ready to carry it out.

Active and early fundraising for the Poland-Israel trip is a must, and both grades can cooperate since
they share the same need. The Mischloach Manot fundraiser is co-chaired by parents of 11th and 12th
grades and both grades will benefit equally from it (by the way, the baskets this year will be amazing!).
Suggestions for other projects in which both grades can share the work and the profits are welcome.

Carina Miller and Marcia Nimmer – 11th grade parent co-captains.