Welcome the eighth grade

To the Editor:

I have to completely agree with the fact that the eighth graders deserve their independence as students who are part of the high school. It is crucial to Shalhevet that of all things, individuality should be emphasized. Personally, I, for one, think that these students do indeed get a nice sneak-peak at their upcoming years in Shalhevet, and see what to expect. This will not only prepare them for new environments, but also for the general feel of what it means to be a part of the high school.

We should most definitely give them as much of an experience in Shalhevet as the rest of the high school receives because we represent a family. And we all know that if a family that doesn’t stick together it will end up in a bad situation. So I consider this a way of making the Shalhevet flame that much more apparent and welcoming.


Benny Balasz

9th Grade