Boiling Point online calls it like it is

To the Editor:

The faculty advisor of the Boiling Point is a good friend of mine, so I read the first web edition of the Boiling Point with great interest, but knowing little about the school. I saw the lead article about the rabbi resigning. I don’t know anything about him or the school, but some of the statements just didn’t make sense. I wondered: am I misunderstanding something? Did the reporter, perhaps working on a tight deadline, simply leave out key parts? Or maybe the story got mangled by hasty copy editing?

Then I read, “The multiple emails and the information Mr. Tranchi gave in the assembly were not very straightforward, and Shalhevet was oozing confusion and uncertainty on Friday as both students and teachers tried to figure out what exactly had happened and was going to happen.” How straightforward! I’ve often read confusing statements by political or business leaders in the New York Times, and often wondered why it seemed so confusing. I’ve never seen an explanation like the one quoted above in the New York Times. Kudos to The Boiling Point.

Harvey Motulsky, M.D., Seattle, Washington