Let’s see more of ‘Invisible Children’

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To the Editor:

I was slightly shocked to see the “Invisible Children” shoved in a corner of the Torah section and tinier than an average ad! There were two articles about the newest “Say Anything” album and tour– one filling a whole page with a full color picture that by itself was the size of the “Invisible” article. Now as much as I love the band, it feels like we should care — or at least pretend to care — about child soldiers held against their will. Why is this article even in the Torah section? Sure, stutter and “um” as you think of a way to connect the two, but the article does not mention Judaism at all. There are far better sections to be placing this topic, such as community, outside news, or even features! I’m not trying to criticize you, I just feel this issue takes significance over some subjects.

Rachel Lesel, Junior