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TECH-NOGRAPHY: How students and faculty are handling the geography of tech

iPADS: Freshmen view a variety of web pages during Dr. Michael Yoss's World History class.

Eric Bazak, Staff Writer

January 10, 2014

Shalhevet's new iPad program has transformed classes for both sophomores and freshmen into intricate and technologically advanced courses -- as well as an opportunity to play the latest games and explore apps during class. This year, the underclassmen are required to have iPads with them the whole day, and assumed to be o...

How other high schools navigate tech-based classes

How other high schools navigate tech-based classes

January 5, 2014

Both locally and nationally, schools are grappling with questions of how to best use technology without turning classrooms into free time for other electronic pursuits. An informal Boiling Point survey found that some schools exercise strict control over computers while others – like Shalhevet –...

What’s in a pseudonym?

What’s in a pseudonym?

Tamar Willis, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

November 20, 2013

Melissa transformed into Mah Lissa. Natalie rechristened herself Nah Tally, and Kaili became Kay cyberspace, that is. With college application season heating up, seniors have begun changing their names on Facebook, continuing a trend that has become a rite of passage in the past few years. Students...

Fashion show promotes a new view of beauty

BENEFIT: Junior Rebecca Elspas got to model an outfit designed by Karen Halaszi at last Sunday's fashion show at the Luxe, which benefited the organization

November 7, 2013

By Rose Lipner, Staff Writer Karen Michelle, a women's clothing store on Robertson, treated over 200 women of all ages to manicures, makeovers and pastas as they strolled through a pop-music filled ballroom at the Luxe Hotel last Sunday, Nov. 3.  The occasion was a fashion show that benefitted Healthy...

WHAT WE’RE WEARING: Who says fashion’s just for girls?

Micah Gill, Staff columnist

September 30, 2013

“What are you shopping for, basketball shoes?” This is the response I receive when I tell my guy friends that I am going to the mall to shop for clothing. For some odd reason, fashion is almost always associated with females. They get to do the shopping, the styling and the dressing.  But...

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sand-Which Bar shows good food is good business on Pico

NEW: Great sandwiches just east of Robertson

Alexa Fishman, Features Editor

June 3, 2013

As I learned a few weeks ago in U.S. History class, America’s economy thrives on competition.  You might have thought there were enough kosher restaurants on Pico, but the latest contender proves that there’s always room for something that no one else is doing yet -- in this case, top-notch...

Asking questions and facing danger, alumnus mines complexity of the Middle East

Tamar Willis, Features Editor

February 21, 2013

SHALHEVET AT 20: A SERIES Editor's note: Shalhevet's first academic year was  1992-93, meaning the school is now 20 years old. The Boiling Point will profile alumni from each graduating class. All students in high school face a hard truth. One day, they will walk out the doors of high school foreve...

Samira Miller, Class of 1999: Community and family

FAMILY: Ari, Hadassa and Samira Miller

February 21, 2013

SHALHEVET AT 20: A SERIES Editor's note: Shalhevet's first academic year was  1992-93, meaning the school is now 20 years old. The Boiling Point will profile alumni from each graduating class.   Q:     What did you do straight after high school, and what do you do now? A...

Boring salad? In the new year, try Thai

December 25, 2012

By Jacob Ellenhorn, Co-Editor-in-Chief Walking through Shalhevet during lunch period you are bound to see the same thing at each table: two or three kids eating school lunch, another with some sandwich or cold pizza, and then that one kid with the boring salad they made that morning. That boring salad...

With East Coast prices high, Orthodox students are now building communities on UC campuses

UCI’s Chabad and Hillel put up a joint sukkah this year.  Students participated in a sukkah hop.

Tamar Willis, Features Editor

November 9, 2012

   Transitioning from a school like Shalhevet—where students don’t need to think twice about keeping kosher or observing Shabbat—to a public university with 22,000 undergraduates and no kosher meal plan can be daunting.  But for alumnus Zev Hurwitz ‘11, it was just something to overcome. ...

Three trends switch your wardrobe from summer to fall

Tamar Willis, Features Editor

September 7, 2012

The sartorial transition from summer to fall is always a hard one, and especially this year.  With color palettes shifting from neons and pastels to rich burgundys and regal purples, wardrobes will be doing a complete 180. Thankfully, in Los Angeles we can ease into the new fall trends—and into...

The Happy Mystery That Is Ghana

The Happy Mystery That Is Ghana

Tamar Willis, Features Editor

September 1, 2012

In the village of Anloga, Ghana, where I stayed for three weeks this summer, when someone dies people gather in the streets and they dance.  Some wear red and black, considered mourning colors, and along with dancing they sing, and they eat.  Some of the funeral festivities last for days, filled wit...

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