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EVENT: The Oscars are hosted this year at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood

This page is being updated throughout the Oscars awards ceremony by Opinion Editor Zach Helfand and Editor-in-Chief Jacob Joseph Lefkowitz Brooks. Click here to read short reviews of the eight movies nominated in the Best Picture category of this year’s Academy Awards.

[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:34 PM”]15/24 for me in the end. Good night everyone!!![/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”8:31 PM”]I gotta say, I’m leaving satisfied. It doesn’t always turn out that the deserving films win, but I felt good about nearly all the winners tonight.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:31 PM”]Not a lot of controversy all night. Happy for Parasite and 1917 to win in their respective categories. The best films won tonight, which is rare.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:30 PM”]Unsure whether Bong is gonna be back out. He’s already spoken 3 times but deserves an encore here.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:29 PM”]They cut off the mic for a tiny bit there but we’re back.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”8:29 PM”]I love seeing this large crew onstage after the victory, really shows the collaboration and group celebration.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”8:27 PM”]Crazy how this happened. 1917 was the front runner, and won the Golden Globe, but a lot of people felt Parasite was better, just subject to a double standard because it’s foreign. Very surprising that it won the oscar, but I’m glad it did.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:27 PM”]The first foreign film to win Best Picture!! Head and shoulders the best movie this year. An unexpected but well deserved.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”8:26 PM”]WOW![/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:26 PM”]PARASITE WINS!!!!![/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”8:25 PM”]Major spoilers for every movie…[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”8:24 PM”]The winner of this award will really go down on an exclusive list in history.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:24 PM”]This award really defines what people think about the Oscars but I think we’ve had a good show so far.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:22 PM”]Ok here it is. BEST PICTURE…..[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:20 PM”]Really craving some M&M’s right now. Wonder why?[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:17 PM”]Uh.. Zellwegger is still up here. Why?[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”8:17 PM”]By the way, Jojo Rabbit was actually the best movie this year… but it won’t win.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”8:17 PM”]The big one coming up. I called 1917 as well, but now think it’s gonna be Parasite.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:16 PM”]Ok best picture time. I called 1917 to begin with.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:14 PM”]Zellwegger wins it.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:08 PM”]Best actress now. Calling Renee Zellweger.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:09 PM”]Really going full vegan here. LOVE IT. Pheonix is known for his intense speeches and outspoken nature.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”8:08 PM”]Not the first time the comic book supervillain brought an oscar. In 2009, Heath Ledger won for playing the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:07 PM”]Crazy role that Pheonix was eager to play for a while. Took a humanizing approach to the character that very few could have pulled off.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”8:07 PM”]Joaquim Phoenix wins best actor for his role as Joker.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:06 PM”]Agreed but would like to see Leo take this.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”8:04 PM”]Best actor nominees are up. I’m thinking Joaquim Phoenix.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”8:04 PM”]Olivia Coleman comes out to introduce best actor.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”8:00 PM”]Kirk Douglas mentioned in the tribute, who recently passed away.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”8:00 PM”]The tribute kicked off with oscar winner Kobe Bryant.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:58 PM”]Touching in memoriam by Billie Eilish, performing a slow and somber rendition of the Beatles’ yesterday.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:57 PM”]Billie Eilish sings a toned-down version of the Beatles’ “Yesterday” for the In Memorium section of the show.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:55 PM”]Initially I called 1917 for best picture, but changing my mind to Parasite.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:54 PM”]Such a great winner, you can tell he’s so grateful.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:54 PM”]Bong gives respect to Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino. He’s such a humble guy. Stealing the show tonight.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:53 PM”]Thought it would go to Sam Mendez, but am satisfied with this. Tremendous film, well directed.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:53 PM”]WOOOO. Called that Bong would be back. Really happy for such a great director.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:52 PM”]Wow! Bong Joon Ho wins best director!![/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:51 PM”]Spike Lee comes out in a purple and gold suit honoring the late Kobe Bryant.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:49 PM”]The 4 left are considered the biggest 4 awards: actor, actress, director, and finally best picture.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:48 PM”]Almost done here. Just 4 more awards left.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:46 PM”]A lot of great songs from films this year. Good for Elton John.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:45 PM”]Now we have best original song. I say Elton John.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:43 PM”]Joker takes best score. Hildur Guðnadóttir receives a standing ovation.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:40 PM”]Conductor Eimear Noone presents the score from all best score nominees. There has never been a female conductor in Oscar history.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:38 PM”]Gotta love Gal Gadot.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:36 PM”]Taika Waititi introduces Sigourney Weaver, Gal Gadot, and Brie Larson, three acts who have played strong female characters.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:32 PM”]A lot of M&M commercials… gotta respect the effort.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:30 PM”]Ya he wrote “I’m Gonna Love Me Again” from Rocketman, a biopic of John.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:28 PM”]Elton John performing now.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:25 PM”]And it wins. Bong gives a pretty tame speech, wonder if he’s saving up for a bigger speech later.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:24 PM”]Ya, Parasite without a doubt.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:24 PM”]Foreign film… is there really any question here?[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:23 PM”]Definitely a lot of snubs. I agree with your two and would add that Roman Griffin Davis should be in the mix for his incredible breakout role in Jojo Rabbit. I’m not sure Jonathan Pryce deserves the nomination.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:20 PM”]Ya agreed think there were a lot of snubs here. Kang-ho Song from Parasite and Adam Sandler from Uncut Gems deserve nominations.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:20 PM”]Looking forward to best actor coming up soon.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:17 PM”]Bombshell takes best hair and makeup. There were a lot of wigs I guess. Felt like a winner but not really deserved based on what I’ve seen. Still picked it.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:16 PM”]Props to 1917– a true visual spectacle. Well deserved victory, and it’s probably not done winning tonight.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:14 PM”]They’re presenting the best visual effects and 1917 wins.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:14 PM”]Not enjoying their cat shtick. The film can only be described as “Pawful.”[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:12 PM”]James Corden and Rebel Wilson take the stage in cat costumes, portraying their actual characters in the film Cats.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”7:08 PM”]A moving performance.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:04 PM”]Zazie Beats introduces Cynthia Ervo singing “Stand Up” from Harriett, which she stars in as the titular Harriett Tubman.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”7:0 PM”]Tom Hanks comes up to discuss the new Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences building being built next to LACMA on Wilshire and Fairfax, right next to Shalhevet!![/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:57 PM”]Again, the racing scenes had some great cuts. 8/13 now. I needed a win there.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”6:56 PM”]Ford v Ferrari wins for film editing. Well deserved.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:54 PM”]Deakins is known for Blade Runner 2049 and No Country for Old Men, some of the most vivid cinematography.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:53 PM”]And Deakins wins, no surprise here.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”6:51 PM”]I just see no way 1917 doesn’t win this. Some of the best cinematography I’ve ever seen.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:51 PM”]Roger Deakins is about to take this home for 1917. Clearest award winner of any of the nominees.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”6:50 PM”]Will Ferrell and Julia Louis Dryfus to announce cinematography.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:50 PM”]Utkarsh Ambudkar gives a rap recap of the show so far.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:44 PM”]He did You Got A Friend in Me, also used in Toy Stories’s.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”6:43 PM”]Such childhood nostalgia hearing Randy Newman’s voice.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:41 PM”]1917 wins for mixing. I switched the sound awards!![/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”6:40 PM”]Now we have sound MIXING…[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:40 PM”]Ya it was a racing movie. Lots of editing opportunities.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”6:38 PM”]Ford V Ferrari wins for its superb sound editing.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:33 PM”]Now we present sound editing and ask how it’s different than sound mixing.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:32 PM”]Very half-baked idea in my opinion. Why is he getting a standing ovation?[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”6:31 PM”]I love Eminem, and he’s performing well, but this seems a little off-beat with the rest of the show.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:31 PM”]Sorry Marshall, you’re 18 years too late. Why is this happening?[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:30 PM”]And… Eminem is out… to do “Lose Yourself?”[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”6:26 PM”]Interesting how the compensate for not having a host by having different Hollywoo stars and celebrities introduce all the announcers and fill the time in between awards.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:24 PM”]Half of the commercials so far are for Disney products.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”6:20 PM”]Laura Dern gives her father a shoutout in her acceptance speech (Bruce Dern).[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:19 PM”]And it’s Laura Dern for her portrayal of Scarlett Johansen’s lawyer Nora Fanshaw in Marriage Story.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:18 PM”]I’m calling Kathy Bates.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”6:16 PM”]I don’t think anyone can beat Laura Dern in this category.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”6:16 PM”]Maharshala Ali presents best supporting actress.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:14 PM”]Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl) wins.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:13 PM”]Ruffalo is also presenting Best Documentary Short Subject.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:11 PM”]Ahh I picked it and then I crossed it out. 5/8.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”6:10 PM”]AMERICAN FACTORY WINS!!!!!!!!![/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”6:09 PM”]Mark Ruffalo, who appeared this year in Dark Waters and Avengers: Endgame, presents the Best Documentary award.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:06 PM”]I feel very strongly about Us and Uncut Gems not having any nominations.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:04 PM”]Chrissy Metz sings “I’m Standing With You,” from Christian film Breakthrough.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”6:01 PM”]They seem to be panning to Greta Gerwig, director of Little Women, despite her controversially not being nominated.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:59 PM”]I stand corrected. Little Women wins for Costume design.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:58 PM”]I think it’s between Jojo Rabbit and Once Upon a Time for costume design.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:59 PM”]Billie Eilish gives a reaction to this way-too-long speech.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:58 PM”]Well deserved. They really created a wholly different period. I’m 5/7 by the way.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:57 PM”]Once Upon a time in Hollywood wins for its portrayal of 1960’s L.A.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:55 PM”]Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph are puttin on an.. act right now. I think they’re presenting Best Production Deisgn.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:52 PM”]Hot take: using good songs in car commercials makes them terrible.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:48 PM”]And The Neighbor’s Window wins.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:47 PM”]Shia LeBeouf and Zack Gottsagen of “Peanutbutter Falcon” present nominees for best live action short film.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:47 PM”]All picks aside from Toy Story are well deserved in my opinion.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:45 PM”]Taika Waititi takes it for his adaptation of Caging Skies as Jojo Rabbit. Waititi starred as Adolf Hitler and directed the film.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:43 PM”]Really hoping Jojo Rabbit can pull off the adapted screenplay Oscar.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:42 PM”]Timothee Chalamet and Natalie Portman are out for best-adapted screenplay.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:42 PM”]Ground-breaking… a Korean film wins best original screenplay![/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:41 PM”]Well deserved. Bong Joon Ho delivers his acceptance speech through a translator.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:40 PM”]BONG JOON HO TAKES BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY FOR PARASITE!!! 3/4 for me on picks!![/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:39 PM”]I think Parasite should win for original screenplay.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:37 PM”]Gotta love Keanue Reeves.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:37 PM”]Keanu Reeves and Diane Keaton are out to present Best Original Screenplay.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:32 PM”]Idina Menzel is joined on stage for her performance by singers of numerous other languages joining her in song.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:28 PM”]Josh Gad references John Travolta’s mispronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name as she comes up to sing “Into the Unknown” from Frozen II.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:26 PM”]Hair Love takes the cake. The film is about a young black girl and her father’s relationship with her natural hair.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:2 PM”]Kaling stays on stage to present the nominees for best animated short film.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:24 PM”]Boo I hate this movie. It had no plot and was made purely to sell toys.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:2 PM”]Toy Story 4 takes the Oscar.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:22 PM”]Mindy Kailing presents the nominees for best animated full movie.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:1 PM”]Pitt also recognizes the stunt coordinators from the film, saying thank you.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:16 PM”]And Brad Pitt takes the cake. Pitt’s first speech honors Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Director Quentin Tarantino and co-star Leonardo Dicaprio.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:14 PM”]I want Pitt here. I thought he had one of the most fun roles I’ve seen in a while.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:12 PM”]Regina King presents the nominees for best supporting actor.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:11 PM”]Steve Martin pokes fun at the fact that there’s no host.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:08 PM”]Chris Rock calls out Jeff Bezos in the audience and razzes him.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:07 PM”]Comics Steve Martin and Chris Rock are starting off with the first dialogue.[/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:02 PM”]The first performance of the show is being led by Janelle Monae and Billy Porter. They are signing a mashup of songs from nominees.[/sc]
[sc name=”zach_helfand-liveblog” time=”5:02 PM”]And I’m Zach Helfand. Welcome to the 2020 Oscars![/sc]
[sc name=”jacob_lefkowitz-liveblog” time=”5:00 PM”]Hello and welcome to the Boiling Point’s live blog of these year’s Oscars, I’m Jacob Lefkowitz Brooks.[/sc]

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