Fairness Committee votes 6-5 not to block Facebook

BP Photos by Ariela Feitelberg

Leila Miller, Editor-in-chief

According to Fairness co-chair David Fletcher, Acting General Studies Principal Mr. Roy Danovitch lost the Fairness case he brought against the entire school advocating the banning of Facebook usage in school by a vote of 6-5.

David Fletcher declined to comment further, saying that Fairness would officially announce the outcome during Town Hall tomorrow.

Mr. Danovitch said this was the first time he was hearing the outcome of the trial and that he would accept Fairness’ decision.”I support and have good faith in the deliberation and judgment of Fairness,” he said. “I live and die by the Just Community.”

He brought the case to Fairness after noticing in classes he observed that students were using Facebook during class for noneducational purposes. He said this goes against the school’s acceptable use policy which students signed in order to have internet access on their computers during school.

Although Fairness cases are typically not done publicly, the trial was held during Town Hall since Mr. Danovitch brought the case against the entire student body. Mr. Danovitch said he had wanted the issue to be raised in Fairness and not by the Agenda committee in a Town Hall discussion because he thought both sides would be articulated more clearly.

“I thought the arguments might come out more clearly in a Fairness hearing,” he said.