The Boiling Point

TRUMP: A bold defender of Israel and enemy of terrorists

By Ean Fish, 12th Grade
November 2, 2020

BIDEN: A pledge, and real plans, to confront tough issues

By Adina Kurzban, 11th Grade
November 2, 2020
SPACE: Jonathan Soroudi has plenty of room but wishes his siblings were home to hang out with.

Jonathan Soroudi: Youngest Sibling. Only Kid in the House.

By Ezra Rosenthal, Ninth Grade
June 2, 2020
FRIENDLY: David Diamond, Benji Diamond teaches screenwriting.

Benjy Diamond: Glad his dad’s at school

By Hannah Nili, Ninth Grade
June 2, 2020
BASKETBALL: Elijah Stern says he’s not always the biggest and strongest player, so he uses his speed to its advantage

Elijah Stern: Athlete inspired by a book

By Kayla Becker, Ninth Grade
June 2, 2020
NATURE: Hannah Nili rents her surfboards and wet suits at Zuma Beach in Ventura County.

Hannah Nili: One With the Waves

By Benjy Diamond, Ninth Grade
June 2, 2020
BUSY: When it’s open, Olivia Fishman practices swimming several times a week at the Culver City pool, above.

Olivia Fishman: Packed Schedule

By Daniel Babay, Ninth Grade
June 2, 2020
STRUGGLES: Ezra Rosenthal’s multiple injuries stopped him from playing sports for two years.

Ezra Rosenthal: One Arm, Three Breaks

By Jonathan Soroudi, Ninth Grade
June 2, 2020
IDF: Gabrielle Urman hopes to train fighter dogs in the IDF as service to Israel.

Gabrielle Urman: Serving the country I love

By Yael Schechter, Ninth Grade
June 2, 2020
COMEDY: Yael Schechter hopes to advance into a new improv troupe.

Yael Schechter: Making People Laugh and Smile

By Gabrielle Urman, Ninth Grade
June 2, 2020
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