VIDEO: Yom Ha’atzmaut 5783: Reflections and Connections

By Etan Lerner, 9th Grade

“Everything that they brought – the food, the activities, and the props that they brought – it’s amazing,” Ms Davis-Bryski said.  “It makes me feel like I am in Israel.”

It was Yom Haatzmaut, Israeli Independence Day, April 26, and streamers lined the foyer, exuberant davening mixed with dancing filled the gym, Israeli food was served on the roof and a special schedule made time to enjoy it all. The Boiling Point video team asked students and staff what the day meant to them.

Junior Rafi Kahen, a member of Firehawks for Israel, mentioned Israel’s significance as a Jewish state.

“It’s the time that I’m just literally celebrating the fact that the Jewish people, who have been oppressed for years, got Israel,” said Rafi. “We were able to all go there, pray how we want, live how we want and live as open Jews.” 

After davening, school officials played clips of Shalhevet alumni who have served in the Israeli Defense forces. One of these was Mitchell Hoenig, class of 2020, brother of freshman Ella Hoenig. 

“Israeli independence day is really special to me because my brother is fighting for the army, for our country,” said Ella. “And to be able to go visit him and know that he is supporting our country, it means a lot to me.”

  Watch the video to hear more comments and take a look at this year’s festivities.