Mr. St. Germaine, math and science teacher known for lively Schoology posts, departs to Washington state


BP Photo by Evan Beller

GONE: Mr. St. Germaine taught in one of the science labs on Sept. 17, his last day at Shalhevet.

By Olivia Fishman, Arts & Culture Editor

Mr. Chris St. Germaine, who taught chemistry, physics and math, departed to Bellevue, Wash., three weeks after beginning his fourth year at Shalhevet.

He announced his departure on Sept. 17, the Friday before Sukkot break, saying he’d found a new job opportunity that was the best option for his family, even though it was bittersweet for him to leave the school. 

“I wouldn’t have left if it wasn’t the right decision for my family,” Mr. St. Germaine said.

Mr. St. Germaine’s four children, three girls and one boy, are all under the age of 10, his youngest being just five months old. Bellevue is closer to his mother, sister and two cousins who live in Washington, and his wife’s family lives a few hours away in Oregon. 

But also, after having been in the classroom for 16 years at six different schools, he knew that he was ready for something new. He wanted to explore different kinds of teaching opportunities, and he was also looking for a shorter commute. His Shalhevet job required three-and-a-half hours of driving per day, to and from his home in Santa Clarita.

I wouldn’t have left if it wasn’t the right decision for my family.

— Mr. Chris St. Germaine, former math and science teacher

That made the Bellevue job, he said,  “divine intervention.”  Mr. St. Germaine’s new job title is a “private learning facilitator.” 

“I’ve been hired by one family,” Mr. St. Germaine told the Boiling Point. “They have a sophomore son, and he goes to a regular high school up here. It’s my job to kind of keep on top of his assignments, communicate with his teachers, make sure he’s doing his work, get him any tutors he needs, and if he wants, any extracurriculars. “Just kind of be the school parent for him for the next three years.”

Mr. St. Germaine taught Algebra 1, Geometry, Advanced Geometry, Physics, SAS Physics, Chemistry and Honors Chemistry during his time at Shalhevet. 

Junior Alex Guetta, who had Mr. St. Germaine as a chemistry teacher in 10th grade, said she’d miss his fun energy, patience and caring personality. But most of all, Alex will miss his posts on Schoology. 

“His Schoology posts were amazing,” Alex said. “Random stuff that he would post on Schoology and if you’re like having the worst day and you just read it, you’ll be like ‘wow, that was really funny, like I needed that.’” 

Mr. St. Germaine said he doesn’t have many specific memories of Shalhevet that stand out, but that there were countless little things he’d always remember, like conversations in the hallways.

“Shalhevet probably has about the greatest kids any high school in this country has,” Mr. St. Germaine said.