Season 2, Episode 1: A Special Election

By Eli Weiss, Digital Media Editor

Season 2 Episode 1 features a summary of the upcoming Special Election in California’s 30th State Senatorial district. There are recorded interviews with candidates  Joe Lisuzzo, a businessman; Command Sergeant Major Renita Duncan, Violence Prevention Integrator, Los Angeles, and attorney Cheryl Turner, along with summaries of the other candidates in the race, who did not respond to requests for interviews.

Those four are incumbent California State Assemblywoman Sydney Kamlager, who is seeking to move up to the State Senate;  Culver City Vice Mayor Daniel Lee; business consultant Tiffani Jones; and community organizer Alexander Ernesto Huerto.


  1. Summary of the March 2 Special Election on Mar. 2 | Benjamin Gamson, News Editor, Co-host
  2. Interview excerpt with businessman Joe Lisuzzo | Benjamin Gamson, News Editor, Co-host
  3. Interview excerpt with Command Sergeant Major Renita Duncan | Benjamin Gamson, News Editor, Co-host
  4. Interview excerpt with attorney Cheryl Turner | Benjamin Gamson, News Editor, Co-host
  5. Description of the other candidates in the race | Benjamin Gamson, News Editor, Co-host and Ellie Orlanski, Executive Editor, Co-host 

Our team:

Benjamin Gamson, Host, News Editor of The Boiling Point

Ellie Orlanski, Co- Host, Executive Editor of The Boiling Point

Eli Weiss, Executive Producer,  Assistant Web Editor of The Boiling Point