VIDEO: Local Businesses Board Up For Election Day

See firsthand accounts of why shop owners are boarding up their shops in preparation for election results.

Jacob Hoenig, Ariella Hirschhorn, and Barbara Seruya

By Molly Litvak, Editor-in-Chief

Just a few months after some George Floyd demonstrations turned violent last June, stores and businesses in Shalhevet neighborhoods boarded up their stores Nov. 2 in preparation for the possibility of post-Election Day unrest.

In Pico-Robertson, restaurants and pharmacies took precautions, while in Beverly Hills it was mostly stores and jewelers.

Rouha Sadighi, the owner of the Rooster Restaurant on Pico, said the June riots influenced the decision to board their windows.

“We boarded up the store just to be more precautionary just because of what happened in June,” Ms. Sadighi said. “I don’t anticipate anything happening, but I just wanted to make sure that the store was safe in case.”

She said it was unlikely she would keep it boarded up past Friday or Saturday.

Among the stores boarded up in Pico were Kosher Pizza Station and Feldmar Watch Company.

In Beverly Hills, demonstrations have continued through and since the summer, though without violence. Groups have marched and demonstrated in and around Beverly Gardens Park on Santa Monica Boulevard, sometimes over the death of Breonna Taylor and other victims of police violence, and more recently to protest the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

By midday Nov. 2, it appeared that at least three-quarters of businesses were boarded up with plywood, and there was heavy police presence in the area including the blockage of some streets.

Mr. Stuart Newmark, the manager of Avedon Boutique on North Canon Drive, said he was boarding up just in case.

“Because of the potential rallies, protests, riots, looting, that could happen,” Mr. Newmark said.

He said he didn’t expect those things, however, and that Beverly Hills police had not advised him to shield his glass walls.  But he thought it was a prudent thing to do anyway.

“If windows are broken, then we have to board up and we’d be boarded up for three or four weeks,” he said. “We’d rather be boarded up for two or three days than three or four weeks.”

As Election Day approached, Angelenos also demonstrated with flag-flying car caravans to support President Trump. A green car on Nov. 3 was seen on Pico flying a pro-Trump flag.

Jacob Hoenig, Barbara Seruya and Ariella Hirshhorn contributed to this story.