Something old: JC elections will be conducted same way as last spring – on Zoom


BP Photo by Eli Weiss

OLD: The Just Community Constitution was moved to its former location after being displayed in the Beit Midrash in the old building. (File photo)

By Noah Elad, Staff Writer

At a time when everything seems new, elections for Just Community grade-level representatives, set for Tuesday, are planned to be like last spring’s officer elections, once again conducted through Zoom.

Fairness co-chairs Evy Rosenkranz and Eitan Miro shared the lists with the Boiling Point on Friday.  According to a proposal passed by the Just Community last year, elections are now run by Fairness instead of Agenda.

Two representatives will be elected per grade for each position. The names of the candidates are below.

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Agenda Committee (two positions per grade)

  • 9th grade 
    • Mordechai Heller 
    • Gabriella Judaken 
    • Josh Orlanski 
  • 10th grade 
    • Benjamin Gamson 
    • Eli Weiss 
  • 11th grade 
    • Adina Kurzban 
    • Anya Mendelson 
    • Barbara Seruya 
  • 12th grade 
    • Hannah Berman
    • Ean Fish 
    • Ellie Orlanski 

Fairness Committee (two positions per grade)

  • 9th grade 
    • Sami Brous-Light 
    • Sam Elyaszadeh 
    • Joshua Gamson 
  • 10th grade 
    • Eliana Kerendian 
    • Jack Metzger 
    • Elliot Serure 
  • 11th grade 
    • Ethan Fialkov 
    • Henry Fried
    • Rayna Kent  
    • Talia Tizabi 
  • 12th grade 
    • Rena Harkham 
    • Sam Rubin 
    • Asaf Talasazan 

Student Activities Committee (SAC)  – two positions open per grade

  • 9th grade 
    • Davina Benelyahu
    • Chaim Cohen  
    • Talia Davoudian 
    • Shira Elyaszadeh 
    • Lielle Kerendian 
    • Elishai Khoobian 
    • Zion Schlussel 
  • 10th grade 
    • Ella Ashkenazi 
    • Avi Litvak 
    • Zoe Miller 
    • Miriam Nektalov 
    • Vivienne Schlussel 
  • 11th grade 
    • Carin Arbib 
    • Danielle Finn 
    • Naomi Orenstein 
  • 12th grade 
    •  Layla Dauer 
    • Taylor Shabanian

Source: Fairness Committee