HUMANS OF SHALHEVET – Eitan Miro: One with the water

11th-grade swimmer practices 10 times a week


By Eliana Koobian, Staff Writer

I swim for a club team that’s not with the school, and train 10 times in a five-day week, once before school and after school. It’s tough, I miss my last class every day but all my teachers are super understanding.

Luckily because I do it, the school helps me a lot and I always go to Ashley. Aviva helped me with my schedule and set it perfectly, and Weslow and all my teachers are super understanding so that helps me a lot, but like during the week it’s tough to balance everything out.

It all actually started when I didn’t know how to swim and when I was 8 my dad said that it’s not okay because of water safety. He enrolled me into a few swim lessons and after a little while in lessons they said to really solidify his swimming and confidence in water he should join the swim team. So I did. I loved the swim team. The person there then told me to take it to the next level and he sent me to the club team I‘m a part of now.

I started swimming this intensely in 8th grade, so four years ago, but
some of the kids I’ve been swimming with have been doing it for 10 years plus.

I love swimming but obviously there are days that I get to practice and I’m like ugh I have to swim, but most days I’m excited to jump in and ready to put in work. Once you’re in the water, your ears are blocked and you can’t hear anything, see anything, so you get to focus on yourself self and become one with the water and even get to forget all the worries you have, and it all just goes out of your head. –Eitan Miro, 11th grade