Humans of Shalhevet – Liad Machmali


Eliana Khoobian

TRANSFORMATION: Freshman Liad Machmali initially was scared of going to the dentist when she was young, but now wants to be a dentist in the future.

By Eliana Khoobian, 9th grade

One day when I was around the age of 7, I entered a generic building of doctors offices. Once I knew I was at the dentist,  I was afraid. There were statues of teeth everywhere and used disposable toothbrushes on the floor. I started to cry and throw a tantrum until the office next door complained. My dentist took me inside and explained step by step what each instrument  was and how they were going to use it. After that I started to pay a lot of attention to my teeth and bring my toothbrush to school, so I would be able to brush my teeth 45 minutes after eating sugary foods. I became weirdly interested in hygiene. Because of that day I figured out that I might actually want to be a dentist in the future. All I want now is for other kids to get that same experience. — Liad Machmali, 9th grade