Humans of Shalhevet – Jack Sanders


BP Photo by Ella Klein

ARGUE: Freshman Jack Sanders enjoys discussing world issues, as he likes conveying his thoughts on those issues. Through discussion, he is able to educate others about problems in our world that they might not have been aware of.

By Ella Klein, 9th grade

I’m the school anarchist: nothing that the government does is better than the private sector. This is just one example of something I am very passionate about.  I’ll debate anyone on anything. Gun rights? I’ll debate. Is taxation theft? I’ll debate. Is water wet? I’ll debate. I love expressing my opinions by debating on all sorts of things.  I love educating others on current issues within our society that disappoint me — like how in many places, people have to hide their right-wing or left-wing opinion in fear of getting labeled as things such as racist, homophobe, xenophobe, etcetera. It saddens me how words like that are losing their value due to being used so much. My main goal from debate is to educate more people on social and political problems. I hope people become more aware of these types of things. — Jack Sanders, 9th grade