Student parking lot waits while pavement ‘cures’ behind new fence

Visiting team vans were allowed to park in the lot for the Steve Glouberman Basketball tournament as the pavement cured.


BP Photo by Neima Fax

WAITING: The lot’s new asphalt surface will need to ‘cure’ for at least a month before students can park on it.

By Jacob Joseph Lefkowitz Brooks, Community Editor

If you looked at the planned student parking lot during the Steve Glouberman basketball tournament, you might have seen white vans in its newly paved and painted spaces. They were transporting visiting teams to and from neighborhood host homes where they were staying.

But Shalhevet students will need to wait until at least late November for their long-awaited return to the school’s original student lot across the street, school officials said last week.

The lot, which sits on the northwest corner of Fairfax Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard, was originally projected to be ready for students after the Sukkot break, which ended Sept. 30. Students have not been able to park there since 2014, when construction on the new building and adjacent Vinz apartment complex began.

According to Facilities Manager Lili Einalhori, the lot was paved and painted Oct. 25 and 26 and needs to cure for a month from then before it can be used.  A new black iron waist-high fence has also been added, replacing the old chain link fence.

The school also decided to seal the lot to protect it, Ms. Einalhori said, contributing to the wait. Once the elapsed time is over, the paving company will seal the pavement.

Visiting teams for the annual Steve Glouberman Basketball Tournament, which Shalhevet hosted from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4,were allowed to park in the lot.

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“We asked the company if we can park cars on the lot for the tournament and they said yes,” wrote Ms. Einalhori in an email response to Boiling Point questions. She said they said that would not damage the surface.

Shalhevet Chief Operating Officer Ms. Sarah Emerson said last week that the school does not have any plans to allow anyone else to park in the lot until it is available for student use.