On the move: New titles, offices for administrators


Neima Fax

LIGHT: College counselor Lisa Gruenbaum offers advice in her airy new office on the third floor, behind the stairwell where the Student Activities office used to be.

When it comes to the school’s support staff, students returning to school this week are not going to see usual faces in usual places.

Over the summer, there were 10 office changes, two title changes and a whole lot of switching suites and floors among the people who run Shalhevet’s various departments.  So here is a rundown, organized by floor, of who’s where and who’s what.


On the first floor, Raizie Weissman has switched from Student Activities Director to Development Coordinator. Her new office is where Michelle Baxter and Stacey Enoch used to be, just off the main foyer near the front door.

“It’s a great office; I have a photocopy machine so people come in,” said Ms. Weissman, whose previous office was in a hidden spot on the third floor behind the staircase.  “Then I have someone to talk to.”

She added that this office will be the first one she uses, since she didn’t like her old one.

“I haven’t really had an office before this point, or one that I actually used,” said Ms. Weissman.

Raizie also explained her new job as Development Coordinator, which includes fundraising, handling money, and more.

“I’ve been doing student activities for eight years,” Ms. Weissman said, “and I loved it and I really had an awesome time. But I think nine years would have been too much.  I love the school, I didn’t want to leave the school, but I just need a change of pace.”

Stacy Enoch, admissions assistant, did not like the hecticness of the front office. She now has Muriel’s former office.

“I like the size and the spacing,” said Ms. Enoch. “It’s, you know, enough for one person — it’s kind of cozy.”

“I like it just because you know there’s more privacy… it’s quieter, the front office definitely gets a lot more traffic, so it’s nice to kind of be secluded to get some things done,” said Stacey.

In other changes,  Muriel Ohana, Rabbi Segal’s assistant, took Claire Benyowitz’s old office.

Claire Benyowitz, the director of development, is in Stacy and Michelle’s old office.

Michelle Baxter, the business office associate, has the former security office, right next to the Wildfire Theatre.

Security no longer has an office inside the school, but it still has a booth overlooking the gate in the driveway.

And Coach Ryan Coleman, the Athletic Director, has a new office adjacent to the gym.


On the second floor, Aviva Walls has half of Mr. Feld’s old office and is the new Dean of Academic Affairs. She likes it, but expressed sadness that she would not be in the same office as Ms. Gruenbaum.

“I’m really going to miss working with Lisa in the same office,” Ms. Walls said. “She and I had a really great vibe.”

Jen Hurvitz, who works in Student Support, now has half of Ms. Walls’ old office. The other half will be used for student and teacher meetings.

Rabbi Ari Schwarzberg, the new Agenda committee advisor and director of Shalhevet Institute, has taken the other half of Mr. Feld’s old office.


And up on the third floor, Lisa Gruenbaum, the Associate Director of College Guidance and Academic Advising, now has part of Raizie’s old office, just clockwise from the top of the stairs and abutting the Art Room.

Ms. Gruenbaum was at first very skeptical about this change, but now feels comfortable with the new scenery.

“I was very nervous at first [that] being in a space that no student has accessed before, I would be really isolated,” said Ms. Gruenbaum.

“Now that it’s really up and running, a little bit more functional and I’ve kind of got my space in here, I’m really excited about this space because I think it’s such a good space for students,” she said. “It’s a really good way for them to just think about what’s after high school in a no pressure scenario.”

There have also been changes to the Music Room, including risers for choir practice where the cabinets used to be.