VIDEO: Sukkot 5778

Evan Rubel and Gilad Spitzer

“We take our lives and we put them in the sukkah.  We play cards, we socialize, we have meals in the sukkah, and it truly reminds us of what was going on in the Biblical times.

“During Sukkot we take time out of our lives to remind ourselves of what the Israelites went through in the desert.

“Also, we bring in ushpizin, visitors, the seven forefathers, to remind us of what the Israelites were, and the morals and values that we need to learn.

“My favorite part of Sukkot is spending time with my family and freinds. truly taking myself out of the house and putting myself in the situation of the Israelites, and spending time with my family, spending time with my friends, and eating and playing games and just having a good time.”  

—  Tobey Lee, Sports Editor