Science Department chair Ayden Jacob announces he will not return next year


Honor Fuchs

SAS Biology teacher and year-old Head of Science Department taught an advanced Chemistry class, which was established mid-year for sophomores.

In individualized letters written to  students in his SAS Biology class,  Science department chair Mr. Ayden Jacob  announced today  he will not be returning to Shalhevet next year.

In the letter he handed to each student, under the date March, 2017, he wrote:

“Each of you have become immensely close to my heart over the course of this year. Your growth within the science lab inspires me to do more for you each day. Pushing you to achieve more, to reach your fullest potential in STEM, and to explore everything life has to offer you is very dear to me; it is an honor I take seriously.

“I never imagined developing a friendship with each of you while simultaneously delving into a rigorous and intense course. It is due to how much I believe in you that it is painful to inform you that I will not be returning to Shalhevet next year.”

A handwritten personalized note was at the bottom of each letter.

Junior Oren Rad said he felt “terrible” when he heard the news.

“It’s the most challenging class I’ve taken in my life, which I extremely appreciate,” Oren said. “I can honestly say he has pushed me and will continue to push me to my fullest potential.”

This was Mr. Jacob’s first year teaching at Shalhevet. He taught SAS Biology, Biology 301 and an advanced Chemistry class.

He will become the sixth science teacher to have left  Shalhevet since this year’s seniors were freshmen in spring 2013.