Freshmen receive the word at orientation event


BP Photo by Neima Fax

COMMANDED: Sitting in their advisory groups, incoming freshman learned Shalhevet rules in the gym from Dean of Students Jason Feld and Director of Admissions Natalie Weiss.

By Nicholas Fields, Ninth Grade

It may not have been delivered at Mount Sinai, but this year’s ninth-graders received their own set of 10 commandments at Freshman Orientation.

Over the course of a three-hour welcoming event Aug. 25, various faculty helped the class of 2020 prepare for the upcoming school year by dividing them into their advisory groups and discussing Shalhevet’s values. Afterwards, they ate ice cream, explored the school and socialized

“Just Community: Be present, participate; it’s this unique aspect which makes Shalhevet

different,” read one commandment, presented not on tablets but on Powerpoint slides.

“Be proactive in your learning, co-curriculars and overall Shali experience,” read another.

After gathering at 7:30 pm in the gym, students were sent to round tables with their new advisor and an upperclassman, where they met one another, learned about the advisory program and went over schedules. Advisory, they were told, is a place to talk about school, feelings and problems.

“It definitely helped me because I came in kind of confused but I feel more organized now and I’m ready to start school.” said 9th grader Adam Tizabi.

Then PowerPoints were presented by Dean of Students Mr. Jason Feld and Director of Student Life Raizie Weissman. Raizie told students who to turn to if they needed assistance or help. Mr. Feld said Shalhevet is a unified family and community.

Next came Shalhevet’s 10 commandments, presented by Mr. Feld and Judaic Studies teacher Rabbi David Stein.

Values mentioned were communication, mutual respect and taking risks. Mr. Feld and Rabbi Stein said students shouldn’t be afraid to catch opportunities and should respect each other.

Along with values, commandments were given for dress code and chesed (community service) hours.

“The more you give, the more you will receive,” read one slide.

Another commandment was to never plagiarize.

The commandment format left students feeling – commanded.

“It was a good way to reinforce all the rules of the year in a fun way,” said freshman Gilad Spitzer, adding he was glad dress code does not include a uniform.

“It’s nice being able to wake up and wear something new every day,” said Gilad.

Most students were thankful for the orientation. Tobey Lee said “It helped me adjust to Shalhevet.” and Zev Kupferman was glad for the help learning the complicated block schedule.

“I thought it was really helpful going over the schedule and meeting all the teachers and I’m excited for next year,” said freshman Maital Hiller.

Everyone was happy to have met new classmates, and at least one freshman was upset that students had been separated into advisory groups.

“I didn’t like how everyone was in their huddles,” said freshman Talia Cohen. “I wanted everyone to be more unified.”