Micah Gill elected Agenda Chair for 2015-16


BP Photo by Jordan Levine

CHALLENGE: Students cast ballots for nine Just Community positions in the foyer of the JCC May 14.

By Rose Lipner, Features Editor

Micah Gill has been elected Agenda Chair for next year.

Agenda Chair: Micah Gill

Agenda Vice-Chair: Alec Fields

Agenda Secretary: Rosie Wolkind

Fairness Co-Chairs: Jacob Dauer and Jonah Gill

SAC Co-Chairs: Laly Chriki and Boaz Willis

SAC Vice Chair: Jordan Levine

SAC Secretary: Ariel Cohen

Micah Gill won a tight race for Agenda Chair, defeating fellow juniors Will Bernstein and Mati Davis. Micah won after three years on the Agenda committee.

This election season, tensions were high for all positions. Several candidates, led by Will, proposed a new election format, involving a political party-like coalition called Maaseh that was ultimately struck down by the Fairness Committee.

Under the proposal, voters would have to vote for the entire slate of Maaseh candidates; they could not pick and choose by office.  In the end, all Maaseh candidates ran as individuals, with no party designation on the ballot.

One Maaseh candidate won — Rosie Wolkind was elected Agenda Secretary.

On Wednesday, a school-wide assembly allowed for candidates to present speeches and share videos. However, the 26 contenders were pressed for time during the hour-long assembly, and were not left enough time for the traditional question and answer debate for candidates of Agenda and Fairness chairs.

Later that night, amid the flurry of campaign posts, current Agenda chair, Max Helfand, posted that during voting there would be no “electioneering” in the lobby’s voting area.

On Thursday during breakfast, lunch and Mincha, students and faculty casted their votes. There was 100 percent turn out because Fairness Chair Goldie Fields contacted everyone who hadn’t voted, even if they were at school.

The votes were counted during breakfast and second period today.