Demolition has begun

By Alexa Fishman, Community Editor

At exactly 8:55 Friday morning, Shalhevet’s old campus started to come down, beginning with the Mansard-style roof over the  entranceway to the old foyer.

It was the end of Period 1 and most students were on their way to davening, but those who had prayed with Hashkama Minyan before school joined staff members and watched with emotion as a yellow crane from Ed Grush General Contractor Inc. repeatedly smashed into the old foyer. It started with the stylized black roof that used to hold the Shalhevet School sign, and went on to demolish the doors, windows, walls and ceiling.

While the crane was operating, opening and closing its yellow jaws to grab pieces of the building and tear them to the ground,  workers sprayed water to prevent dust from spreading. The rubble was all placed in a pile near the old entryway and will have to be cleared before demolition of the rest of the building can continue next week, workers said.

Many students took pictures of the wrecked building to be able to mourn the loss of their old campus.

“This morning made me really sad,” said junior Margo Feuer. “I can’t believe the building is finally gone.”

Demolition: Grab
GOING… A crane from the Ed Grush General Contracting company prepares to grab the metal roof above the old entrance to school just before 9 a.m. June 6.
Demolition: Pull
GOING…. A worker aims a hose to tamp down dust and particles that might be released when the roof is broken off.
Demolition: Crash
GONE: Several swipes later, the metal roof is in pieces on the ground and two palm trees on Fairfax are now visible from the school parking lot. BP Photos by Goldie Fields.