Live blog of Super Bowl commercials

By Eva Suissa, Opinion Editor

7:25pm – The New England Patriots win the Super Bowl — making an incredible comeback.

6:20pm – A commercial for Scientology? During the Super Bowl?

6:18pm – Another wow. The NFL explores what it means to play inside the lines of a football field. At the end of the commercial, we discover that the same rules apply inside the lines of our country — to struggle, to unite, and to thrive.

5:57pm – Finally a reference to Trump. According to It’s A 10 hair care products, we’re in for four years of awful hair. Brace yourself, America.

5:47pm – America’s favorite scientist Bill Nye makes an appearance in an ad for Persil ProClean laundry detergent.

5:41pm – Snickers films a live commercial. Creative.

5:30pm – “The one thing we can say is that was at least the most acrobatic halftime performance we’ve seen probably since Cirque Du Soleil,” said a reporter. Yikes.

5:21pm – With a performance of songs like “Telephone” and “Bad Romance,” Gaga takes viewers back to 2010.

5:14pm – Lady Gaga begins her halftime show descending from the top of NRG stadium in a sequined leotard. Maybe she hasn’t changed.

5:07pm – Who would’ve thought that the eccentric Gaga who showed up to the 2011 Grammy’s in a cocoon would now be advertising Tiffany’s jewelry in an elegant, all-black outfit.

4:51pm – The new Lexus inspires emotions, and might make you want to dance.

4:18pm – Christopher Walken quotes Timberlake’s song “Bye Bye Bye” in an ad for Bai juice.

4:05pm – Anything can be epic with Intel 360 — even a shot of Tom Brady waking up.

Wow — what an opening for Super Bowl commercials. Google home — you ask, and it answers. The commercial even shows a mezuzah.