A little slice of Shalheaven: Take everything in stride

Rachel Lesel, Staff Columnist

This is the first day of my last year of High School, so I know the routine. I take the time the night before to lay out my favorite outfit (all recently bought over summer), triple check my backpack’s contents, make sure my alarm is set, and try to go to sleep hours earlier than I have in two months, praying that I have everything ready to ease the stress of tomorrow.

Whether this is all new to you or just another first day, one has to admit there is fluster and confusion swirling around the air.  Through the entanglement of hugs and avoiding slamming lockers or bloated backpacks, you find yourself thrown into a classroom. And so the school year begins.

This year at Shalhevet will be a bit different.  We have a new administration, new schedules, the eighth graders joining us, and – the horror — a new lunch program. With all of this, plus those new classes of yours, heads might explode. Remember to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Really though, everything can be tackled one thing at a time. Each class will build up at a good pace and prepare you for future tests. Carry your schedule in the fold of a clear binder, try and introduce yourself to our new head of school or any new faces, and take a bite of the cafeteria food.

Every year is always different, and people change over the summer. Maybe this year try to keep a positive attitude and an extra chocolate bar for good luck. And if you still need advice or someone to talk to, find me in the hallway; my backpack has a panda in a top hat on it.