Someone else to remember


By Maia Lefferman, Chief Photo Editor

The loss of a great hero is devastating to all. Kobe’s legacy is everlasting and his contributions to basketball are unprecedented. Throughout today and yesterday, people mourned the death of all of the victims of the helicopter crash, and especially Kobe Bryant. However, I found it difficult to feel such deep sorrow about an alleged rapist. 

When social media is blowing up with pictures of Kobe and LA is covered in purple and yellow, I can’t help but imagine what this might feel like for sexual assault survivors, more specifically, his. In our honoring Kobe, we are putting his stardom above a crime he allegedly committed. Not acknowledging Kobe’s sexual assault case as part of his story erases survivors and invalidates their stories. So while we mourn the loss of Kobe Bryant’s life, we should also understand that a woman’s life might have been ruined by it. 

The issue of sexual assault is bigger than just Kobe Bryant and I am not criticizing him specifically. He contributed to a long history of people in powerful positions taking advantage of people. Every time I saw Kobe play, I thought about sexual assault; that is the impact he made on me.