At school, be cute and tzniut

Eli Willis, Staff Columnist

It’s time to rethink our relationship with skirts. There’s always been that struggle of trying to get away with a skirt that’s just a little too short, but is just oh-so-adorable and matches your outfit perfectly. And there have been varying degrees of enforcement. But now that our new dress code enforcement system has taken effect, it’s time to put away those too-short skirts, and finally follow dress code in style.

Different opinions have been circulating about the new policy. Some say that it will encourage girls to stay in dress code so they won’t be forced to wear an “ugly” skirt. Some think that it will just make girls want to rebel a little by breaking dress code on purpose. And still others believe that wearing unattractive long skirts as a punishment gives the impression that wearing modest skirts has to be a bad thing.

Whatever your opinion, remember: we, the students, suggested and voted this policy in, and now we should follow it.

So go out and get some longer skirts, ones that you choose yourself, that fit your style and that you actually want to wear to school. Plaid or gray uniform skirts match everything, so if you don’t have one yet, make the investment. Have a clothing exchange with friends, and trade skirts that may not fit you anymore, but will fit them.

You could also let out the hem of a skirt to add an inch or two, or buy a plain knee-length black or gray skirt to wear under shorter skirts and dresses. Find long and flowy hippie or peasant skirts at thrift stores, and take advantage of the spring and summer maxi dress trend by layering them over t-shirts or by pairing them with cardigans.

If you do have to wear one of the dress code skirts, take a belt (intended for boys but available to girls) and tuck your shirt into the skirt with the belt around your waist or hips. Look for one with colors that match or complement the colors of anything else you have on – shoes, t-shirt, accessories, etc. These skirts, purchased by the school from the Salvation Army, aren’t all that bad.

We all know by now that modest clothing is beautiful too. Let’s respect and celebrate the dress code, the school, and ourselves by wearing skirts that are both cute and school-appropriate, without compromising one or the other.