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OPINION: Our Series ends, but not our commitment

OPINION: Our Series ends, but not our commitment

BP Editorial Board

September 15, 2017

In May of 2016, the Editorial Board of the Boiling Point pledged that for the next year, every issue of The Boiling Point would address drinking in some way, “recognizing that journalism has a unique capacity for advocacy, especially in a high school setting where we are true peers.” That coverage became a series called Alcohol Roulette.

OPINION: All views should be heard, including those on the right

OATH: Students watched President Trump's swearing-in ceremony and inaugural address live in the gym Jan. 20.

September 8, 2017

By Asher Dauer, 11th Grade Social, political, and religious openness are all things that immediately come to mind when thinking of Shalhevet. The school prides itself on giving students the ability to confidently offer ideas and opinions whether it’s during Town Hall or an average Tanach class. ...

PAGE THREE: New schedule reflects our school’s values

PAGE THREE: New schedule reflects our school's values

Shana Lunzer, Staff Columnist

September 4, 2017

At the end of every August, I spend 10 days with my entire extended family on my mom’s side. We are around 40 people, each with our own very strong opinions and personalities. This sometimes makes for frustrating conversations, as you may fundamentally disagree with what another family member migh...

OPINION: 13 hours of “Why?”

Dylan Minnette plays Clay Jensen in  '13 Reasons Why' on Netflix.

June 12, 2017

By Yishai Thau, Ninth Grade  The show 13 Reasons Why has done more harm than good and therefore it fails. It wants to be a show promoting awareness of our surroundings, so that we will come forth and help when bullying is seen. But it never fulfills this goal. Instead it promotes suicide, excusing...

COLUMN: More than a traffic light

SIXTEEN: Eva Suissa practiced driving in Culver City last week.

Eva Suissa, Opinion Editor

May 24, 2017

Driving down Pico Boulevard on my way to school makes me feel independent, like an adult. But it also, surprisingly, makes me feel part of a community, because everyone follows the same rules on the road.

PAGE THREE: Waiting for the day

PAGE THREE: Waiting for the day

April 9, 2017

That outfit is so gay!” “Stop being a fa**ot and let’s go.” “Don’t be so gay, just do it.” Phrases like these echoed around my skull during my dark days in the closet. Whenever I heard them, however I may have been feeling that day, they stripped me of my confidence, devalued me, and contributed to why I chose to suffer rather than reveal myself for who I truly was.

TWO BOILING POINTS OF VIEW: JV sports: Too many players on the bench?

TWO BOILING POINTS OF VIEW: JV sports: Too many players on the bench?

April 5, 2017

Yes - It’s unfair to everyone By Jonah Kaye, Staff Writer  There are 16 kids on the boys’ JV basketball team. The reality is that many of these kids hardly play at all in games, and if they do, it is usually the coach feeling sorry for a student and giving him 30 seconds of garbage time. It is ext...

OPINION: When hate comes to visit

Picketers from the Westboro Baptist Church at Shalhevet Feb. 27.

BP Editorial Board

April 3, 2017

“Same sex marriage dooms nations,” “God hates the people in Hell,” and “144K Jews will repent,” were never phrases we expected to land – literally– on Shalhevet’s front doorstep. When we were told that the Westboro Baptist Church would protest at Shalhevet Feb. 2, the Boiling Point’s E...

OPINION: How to fix the sunrise minyan

RUSH: Boys speed through their prayers– or do not really pray at all– during each morning’s Hashkama minyan.

Zev Kent, Senior Editor

February 28, 2017

There’s something wrong at Hashkama minyan. As much as people are tired of hearing it, Hashkama was created as a minyan for people who want to daven, and right now, it’s not.

OPINION: Becoming an undercover Jew

LIFT: An ordinary car service ride took a surprising turn recently when a student revealed she was Jewish.

Eva Suissa, Opinion Editor

February 20, 2017

Growing up in a Modern Orthodox community in a free country, I’ve always been proud of my Judaism and have felt safe to express it. But is there a limit to how open I should be? On an early afternoon in late December, during winter break, I called a Lyft — an Uber-like transportation service ...

OPINION / MLK Holiday: Use the whole day

IMMERSE: Students made posters reflecting values of the Civil Rights era on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Jan. 16.

Jacob Joseph Lefkowitz Brooks, Arts & Culture Editor

February 6, 2017

Wait, we just had school on a national holiday? This year, Shalhevet commemorated Martin Luther King Day by having a normal school day with one hour and 45 minutes cut out for King-related activities. The third Monday in January -- close to the day Dr Martin Luther King Jr. was born, Jan. 15 -- was re...

OPINION / National unity starts with each of us

OATH: Students watched President Trump's swearing-in ceremony and inaugural address live in the gym Jan. 20.

Ariella Sassover, 10th Grade

February 5, 2017

On the rainy Friday morning of Jan. 20, all eyes in the gym were glued to a screen on which history was being shown. The entire Shalhevet student body and faculty filled endless rows of chairs, some kids were sprawled on the floor, to witness Donald J. Trump's inauguration on a TV rolled in from a conference...

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