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EDITORIAL: Not everyone lives in Beverlywood

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EDITORIAL: Not everyone lives in Beverlywood

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By the BP Editorial Board

Not all Shalhevet students live in Beverlywood, or even “the city.” In fact, a good number of students live in the San Fernando Valley, near the beach or even near the airport. These students are expected to be in school at the same time and manage the same workloads, even though they live as much as three times as far from 910 South Fairfax.

This is a challenge for students. They have to leave their houses extra early to get to school on time, and they get home later because of their commutes. And that does not account for wanting to participate in co-curricular activities that require them to stay even later.

People live these “remote” areas for various reasons. Some families cannot afford the housing prices in Beverlywood, while some like their distant neighborhoods or shuls. Frankly, it would be irresponsible if as an institution, Shalhevet only catered to students from Beverlywood, Pico- Robertson and Beverly Hills.

Shalhevet, a school that prides itself on diversity in opinion should pride itself on the diversity in where its student body lives. And that means it should do what it can to make the full Shalhevet education possible for students who live farther afield.

Students who live in these areas need to be helped out. This is partly the responsibility of students and families themselves. If you live in the same area as someone else and they need a ride home, give them one if you can.

In addition, if there’s a school function happening in Beverlywood over Shabbat or chag, if you live there you should invite someone who lives far to stay with you. Those who live outside of the area usually feel awkward asking, so go the extra mile and invite them yourself — especially if you were planning on saying yes if they asked you.

Then there’s what the school can do. Shalhevet’s administration could work actively to help carpools, putting parents in touch with others who live nearby, perhaps publishing a list of families by neighborhood, or at least having a database parents could call in and access by request.

Everyone should do what they can, because these students are in our community too.

And by the way — they don’t mind coming to visit you on weekends because they are already used to the commute. But at least once in a while, it would be nice for you to visit them where they live, too.

And if you happen to be in their area randomly, let them know, because even if it’s a surprise visit, they would probably appreciate it.

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EDITORIAL: Not everyone lives in Beverlywood