The Boiling Point

Humans of Shalhevet – Liad Machmali

TRANSFORMATION: Freshman Liad Machmali initially was scared of going to the dentist when she was young, but now wants to be a dentist in the future.

Eliana Khoobian, 9th grade

May 23, 2019

“One day when I was around the age of 7, I entered a generic building of doctors offices. Once I knew I was at the dentist,  I was afraid. There were statues of teeth everywhere and used disposable toothbrushes on the floor. I started to cry and throw a tantrum until the office next door complained...

Humans of Shalhevet – Jack Sanders

<strong><span style=ARGUE: Freshman Jack Sanders enjoys discussing world issues, as he likes conveying his thoughts on those issues. Through discussion, he is able to educate others about problems in our world that they might not have been aware of. " />

Ella Klein, 9th grade

May 13, 2019

“I’m the school anarchist: nothing that the government does is better than the private sector. This is just one example of something I am very passionate about.  I’ll debate anyone on anything. Gun rights? I’ll debate. Is taxation theft? I’ll debate. Is water wet? I’ll debate. I love expr...



Victory Fuchs, 9th grade

May 1, 2019

“I found a passion pretty early on in life: there’s videos of me when I was two and there’s a screwdriver in my pocket. Sometimes I stay in the robotics lab until 7 just hanging out in there. So the day before this pep rally, Ms. Wilner comes up to the robotics" lab begging for a T-shirt cannon. I w...

The magical madness that is math

<em><span style=BP Drawing by Caroline Edry " />

Tobey Lee, Features Editor

March 15, 2019

Although she sleeps just five hours the night before a math test -- less than her normal of seven hours -- studying late into the night makes junior Nicole Klausner feel good about the material before the test the next day. “Once you really invest your time into it and then you do well on a test, lik...

On the runway, calming jitters and building confidence

<strong><span style=STYLE: Above, left, freshman Danielle Finn modeled a red button down coat. Senior Ari Sassover, middle, donned a black floral dress and corduroy jacket. Sophomore Rebecca Cohen, right, wore a long floral dress with sandles. BP Photos by Neima Fax" />

Shani Shaham, Staff Writer

March 11, 2019

Standing in the Shalhevet gym, freshman Danielle Finn attempted to tame the butterflies in her stomach Jan. 13 while an audience of women from throughout the Los Angeles Jewish community waited in anticipation for the long-planned event to begin. The gym had been completely transformed, with a runway...

Videos of people making ‘calming noises’ go viral in new trend of ASMR

<strong><span style=ASMR: Senior Josh Sarir starts his ASMR video by tapping with his finger on his glasses case while speaking in a low, whispery voice. The tapping produces soothing sounds which have been found to lower viewers’ heart rates. Screenshot from" />

Kate Orlanski, Staff writer

February 10, 2019

Sending chills down people’s spines is a new way to unwind. Video clips of people whispering, eating, tapping on microphones and making other quiet, repetitive sounds are trending on the internet as something called ASMR. The letters stand for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  According ...

MacOS Mojave: A desert’s beauty, and features to match

<strong><span style=DARK: The new dark mode changes your screen's background picture as day transitions into night. BP Photo by Sam Rubanowitz. " />

Sam Rubanowitz, Staff Writer

November 25, 2018

All Photo Illustrations by Sam Rubanowitz, icons from As diehard Apple fans know, ever since 2013, each version of Mac software was named after a place in California. Its newest Mac software, macOS Mojave (version 10.14), named after the Mojave Desert in southeastern California, was released a few months ago on September 24. Avid users, including myse...

New year, new looks

<strong><span style=CREATIVITY WITHIN THE CODE: Fashion provides an avenue for students to express their individuality within the parameters of Shalhevet’s dresscode. While the rules may seem restrictive, pops of color and eye-catching patterns, as well as various styles of skirts, pants, or shirts, allow for a wide range of diverse outfits. " />

October 5, 2018

By Tobey Lee, Features Editor, and Sadie Toczek, Social Media Editor Aug. 29 was a day to see and be seen while getting acclimated to school again. Some students were low-key about it, while others took the opportunity to dress particularly stylishly with bright colors and eye-popping desig...

At summer camp, students find a lab for religious diversity

SHIRA: Sophomore Ronnie Seruya, left, says even singing is different at Camp Stone, a “unique environment.”

Lucy Fried, Co-Editor-in-Chief

September 17, 2018

In the sunset hours of Shabbat, campers at Camp Stone in Pennsylvania gather for slow shira, or singing, much like the one on Shalhevet shabbatons. Jewish life there appears similar to school’s, as Camp Stone is also an Orthodox institution. But for sophomore Ronnie Seruya, the experiences are vastly diff...

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to import the school calendar into your personal calendar

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to import the school calendar into your personal calendar

Gilad Spitzer, Web Editor-in-Chief

August 29, 2018

Follow the video’s step-by-step instructions to conveniently add all events -- including days off, early dismissals, holidays, etc.--  on the 2018-19 Academic Calendar to your personal calendar. Also, each event has a description attached to it. Visit for addit...

On writers’ wings, a journey heavy with history

<span style= INTRICATE: The Lancut Synagogue in Poland is a 257-year-old shul painted with Hebrew prayers and adorned with complex designs frauht with religious symbolism. BP photo by Tyler Ekaireb " />

Hannah Jannol, Editor-in-Chief

June 13, 2018

As someone who connects to things through writing — whether my own or someone else’s — I wanted to experience the senior Poland-Israel Experience through the written word. So I borrowed some books from a rabbi of mine that would relate thematically to the week in Poland and one-and-a-half weeks ...

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